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Already Gone is All Ready to Go at Glenwood Caverns

After a successful kick-off concert with Doctor Robert on Friday, the Music on the Mountain series continues with Already Gone performing this Saturday, June 1st at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park!

The popular local band, known for covering a wide variety of musical genres, is a Glenwood Caverns favorite: this will be their third year playing Music on the Mountain. “We look forward to it every year!” says Lisa Poplish, lead singer of the group that also includes Eddie Muniz on drums, Mark Chenoweth on lead guitar, Randy DeHerrera on saxophone and keyboards, and Billy Conn on bass. Poplish’s powerful, spirited female voice is perfectly complimented by the male band members. “The guys pull off some pretty impressive back up vocal harmonies!” says Poplish.

Already Gone performs this Saturday at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

“We strive to play a little something for everyone in the crowd,” Poplish says. “As individuals, we have quite different tastes in music, which accounts for our extraordinarily diverse song list.” Poplish cites Grace Potter as a favorite artist to cover, but the band enjoys playing a range of everything including funk, R&B, and straight up rock ‘n’ roll. “Audiences can expect high energy brought by talented musicians, a wide variety of music, and just an all-around good time!” Poplish added.

As far as the band’s name, Poplish admits that “coming up with a name, I would say, was one of our most difficult feats thus far. We spent hours in the band’s infancy in Mark’s basement studio racking our brains for band names. We had several viable options written down, and then the Eagles song (“Already Gone”) came on. We were all singing it, and I said ‘How about Already Gone?’ The name ended up sticking.”

The band has been together for about four years (and many of the band members played together in a previous group called In the Pocket). Their time together has created close bonds. “We are truly like family,” says Poplish. These guys are some of my best friends, and I think that shows when we are on stage. We really enjoy playing music together.”

They’ve also had some interesting experiences along the way. “Once, out on the road, we were all crammed into a big Dodge truck headed out of town to play a wedding. The driver, who shall remain nameless, drove almost an hour in the wrong direction, insisting the whole time that we were on the right track. Thankfully we had given ourselves plenty of time to get there and the wedding went off without a hitch!”

Already Gone travels extensively around the state, playing tons of festivals, outdoor concerts, weddings, and private parties. They will be opening the July 10th Glenwood Summer of Music concert in Two Rivers Park.

Come check out Already Gone’s robust sound for yourself this Saturday. They’ll be ready for you! “Come party with us! We can’t wait to see you all there!” says Poplish.

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