It’s Game Time!

The big game is almost here! Whether you bleed Broncos orange and blue, will be rooting for the Carolina Panthers, or are just in it for the snacks, Sunday is a good chance to kick back, relax, and enjoy the day and catch up on some fantasy football news before the big game.

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is the spot to be for the Broncos-Panthers showdown! We’ll be offering appetizer specials, game-time drink specials for kids of all ages with a spinning drink wheel, and football face painting for the kids. Get a free tram ride to the top by printing off this coupon and bringing it with you (or showing it on your phone).

In celebration of the big day, here are a few random fun facts about this year’s game:

• Behind Thanksgiving, tomorrow will be the second-highest day for food consumption in the country. Americans will consume around one billion chicken wings, four million pizzas, and 325 million gallons of beer!

• For the Star Wars fans out there, Denver quarterback Peyton Manning was once named by a Star Wars author as the NFL member “most likely to be a Jedi knight.” Additionally, his nickname with the Colts was R2D2!

• Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is a pescatarian; he eats fish but not meat.

• This Sunday will mark the first time that two quarterbacks who were No. 1 overall draft picks will face off in the biggest football event of the year. Payton Manning was a No. 1 draft pick in 1998, and Cam Newton was a No. 1 draft pick in 2011, this would make anyone who had them picked for their fantasy football team (read more here very happy.

• Additionally, their age difference is a new record: at 39 years and 26 years respectively, Manning and Newton’s age gap is the largest ever between quarterbacks at the big game.

• Finally, a 30-second commercial spot during the game will cost advertisers a record-breaking $5 million dollars!

Sunday’s weather forecast in Glenwood Springs, CO is meant to be around 40 degrees and sunny; it’s downright balmy weather for February! It’s a great opportunity to come up and enjoy the Alpine Coaster and Soaring Eagle Zip Ride before the game starts at 4:30. Click here for more info on tickets and hours. Hope to see you up here for the big game!

Oyster Adventure Race 2011 in Glenwood Springs Returns to Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

Earlier in the year the Webmeister reviewed the 2010 Oyster Racing series in Glenwood Springs, speculating about whether racers would return to Glenwood Caverns for the 2011 race.

Fortunately (or unfortunately for racers starting out in 45 degrees F. and the rain!) they did return, with over 50 teams participating.


Runners exiting the Giant Maze with their ticket in hand

Climbing 32 ft on the wet wall proved challenging

This year, racers ran from Glenwood Springs Two Rivers Park to the Glenwood Caverns Tram Station for a gondola ride to the top of Iron Mountain, to Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.

Prior to getting on the gondola, race teams were handed a math problem to solve during their ride to the top.

Teams unable to solve the problem during the ride up were sent to the math-skills-impaired table, where they had to keep working on the problem until they solved it!

Riders delivering the correct answer were send to the Giant Maze leg.

A damp Giant Canyon Swing ride through the swirling mist

Oyster racers returning from their Giant Canyon Swing ride
headed to the Alpine Coaster ride down the mountain

While negotiating the Giant Maze, contestants searched at each corner tower for a ticket which would send them to the maze entrance station for further instructions.

Depending on the color ticket retrieved, racers were sent next to either the Giant Canyon Swing, the 32 foot Climbing Wall, or the Mechanical Bull Ride.

Racers unhappy with their ticket choice (fear of heights, anyone?) had to run the maze a second time in order to receive a different ticket.

Upon completion of the Giant Swing, the Climbing Wall, or the Bull ride, racers headed to the Alpine Coaster station and rode partway down Iron Mountain on the gravity-powered coaster, braking as little as possible for maximum speed.

At the bottom of the tracked coaster ride, the runners made their way through the oak brush to the dirt road called Transfer Trail and ran two miles back to Two Rivers Park.

For more info: Oyster Racing Series

photo credits: race organizer Team Players Productions Inc, Kaylee Maresh photographer

Oyster Race Returns to Glenwood Springs…

But Will Racers Return to Glenwood Caverns?

The Oyster Off-Road Racing Series returns for its second year to Glenwood Springs, Colorado on Saturday, May 21, 2011.

Teams of two and relays of four push their limits running (road and trail) and mountain biking.

2010 Oyster racers, pumping up Transfer Trail

racers ride Colorado’s first Alpine Coaster

There are additional adventures that each team may encounter including: canoeing/rafting/kayaking, orienteering/navigation/zip lines, climbing, eating, puzzles and other surprises.

Since the course is a secret, team members are given a “Passport” moments before the race begins.

Last year, in the first leg of the race, participants rode their mountain bikes, climbing approximately 800 vertical feet as they pumped up Transfer Trail to Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park to reach their first check point.

Next they were directed into the caves, taking care to count the stair steps correctly in order to receive their next clue at the beautiful King’s Row formations viewing area.


After exiting the cave, teams rode two at a time part-way down the mountain on the Alpine Coaster, then grabbed their bikes again for their descent down Iron Mountain.

The big question is: will race organizers send racers back to Glenwood Caverns for the 2011 race?

And if they do, will racers be required to test their mettle on the new Giant Canyon Swing or take the 70 foot plunge on the new Bungee Jump?

Or maybe they’ll put on knee and shoulder pads and don lighted caving helmets and go on an extreme caving adventure?

Your guess is as good as mine. If you want to be one of the first to know, you’ll probably have to sign up for the race.

For more info: Oyster Racing Series

2010 racers counting steps inside Glenwood Caverns