It’s time to ask yourself: Do you dare to drop? After months of planning, construction and waiting, the world’s first underground drop ride, the Haunted Mine Drop, officially opens at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.

According to USA Today, the Haunted Mine Drop is one of the most anticipated rides of 2017. It’s also the world’s first drop ride to go underground. Perched on top of Iron Mountain, the new attraction drops riders 110 feet down inside the mountain as they listen to ghostly mining tales from days gone by.

The thrill ride experience begins in the queue as guests learn they’ve arrived for their first day on the job at the Glenwood Mining Corporation, which has just reopened after a grisly mining accident more than a century ago.

Once inside the building, the storyline continues with mining relics, vintage signage and video effects until you and other “new employees” enter the drop room where you’ll be lowered into the mine. A ghostly apparition appears to tell the real story behind the mine’s closing so many years ago. You won’t realize that the floor has slid out from underneath you until you suddenly “freefall” down the mine shaft in the dark. As you catch your breath, more ghosts appear at the bottom to continue the tale, and then the ride returns you to the main level for exit.

Part of what makes the Haunted Mine Drop so frighteningly fun is that is seems so authentic. Built to resemble a an old mine with a rusted metal and wood exterior, a familiar sight in the mountains of Colorado, the ride drops down a shaft excavated out of solid rock, exactly like a real mine shaft would. In the pitch black, riders feel the temperature drop and smell the earthy odors of rock and soil. Cue the goose bumps, adrenaline, screams, and laugh

The Haunted Mine Drop is now officially open and will be among the thrill rides at the Park that operate year-round.

The question remains. Will you dare to drop?

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