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Poser: Not just your average band/synchronized swimming team

Roaring Fork Valley-based band Poser will play at Music on the Mountain this Saturday, June 7th.

Poser is made up of Matt Harrington (lead vocals and rhythm guitar),  Mark Pearson (bass guitar and background vocals), Michael Miller (keyboards and background vocals), Paul Buechler (lead guitar), and Mike Luciano (drums). It’s the band’s first time playing Music on the Mountain, so to get to know them a little better we asked the lead singer, Matt Harrington, for some details about the band.

NJ: How did Poser come into existence?
MH: I formed the band in the late 1980’s when I lived in Aspen. My former wife was working at a flower shop, and the husband of a gal she was working with also played guitar. His name was Steve. We got together with the intentions of learning every Beatles song written and became the best of friends. A band slowly developed over the years and had Steve not passed away 10 years ago, we would have been playing together for over 25 years.

NJ: What does Poser do in their spare time?
MH: When Poser is not performing the hits of rock ‘n’ roll legends, we all participate in a men’s synchronized swimming team. We compete around the world at public swimming pools and have won several competitions.  In honor of Ester Williams, the queen of synchronized swimming, my favorite formation is a Daisy. Mark, Paul, Michael and I form the daisy petals, while my drummer, Mike Luciano, takes the position of the center where he spurts water from his mouth. It truly is an incredible sight to witness.

NJ: Can you describe the band’s style (onstage, not in the pool)?
MH: We’re strictly a rock and roll cover band. To be honest, I couldn’t write a song if my life depended on it and I greatly admire those who can. I love playing the Beatles, probably due to the fact that it’s where it all began with my friend Steve. Although we only do covers, we pride ourselves on playing them our way, and making it ours.

NJ: What type of music do you like to play?
MH: The thing about Poser is our diverse selection of music that everyone is familiar with. From Bruce Springsteen to Hank Williams, if it’s a song we like, we do it. As a younger musician, I focused on songs that I thought people wanted to hear. As time progressed, I learned that if it was a song that I liked, I would play it well for the simple reason that I liked it. The advice I give to up and coming bands is: “Do what you like to do and, if you play what you believe, you will play it well!

NJ: Can you share a funny or memorable moment that has happened to Poser?
MH: We played our first gig around 1986, at the Red Onion in Aspen.  The owner was not at all interested in having live music, but I managed to bully my way in.  He agreed to pay us $200, which was great. The problem was, we invited all of our friends, bought drinks for them all night, and by the end of the evening our bar tab was about $11.00 more than what we were getting paid. A scene right out of the Blues Brothers!

Poser takes the Music on the Mountain stage Saturday, June 7th at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

I have been blessed over the past 30 years of playing with my best friends, and the “Stories from the Road” would make a good book and an even better movie!

NJ: Who are your musical influences?
MH: I grew up in New Jersey, in a musical family. At the age of 8, I played in my Uncle Billy’s country band.  There I was introduced to songs by Hank Williams, Chet Atkins, Roger Miller and the like. I have always been receptive to all music, but my main musical influences are Ray Charles, Bruce Springsteen, and of course, the Beatles.

NJ: What is your favorite venue in the Roaring Fork Valley so far?
MH: We play for a group of sculptors from all over the world that camp in the woods for a week while they’re learning to sculpt marble. Great people, a magical setting, and after living in a tent for a week, these artists are starved for entertainment to the point where they start dancing while we’re tuning our guitars!

NJ: So are you looking forward to your show this weekend at the Caverns?
MH: We’re very excited to play at Glenwood Caverns. I was hooked last year when I saw the Beatles tribute band Doctor Robert play. Great stage, great food, great fun, and cold beer at a reasonable price: doesn’t get much better!

The music starts at 6pm, and Can for a Tram starts at 4pm. Bring at least one can of food for a free tram ride to the top. The Lookout Grille and Snack Shack will be open for dinner, snacks and refreshments, including drink specials on select wine, beer and well drinks. Rides and attractions will be open until dusk. See you on Saturday!