Achieve Your Vacation Goals in

With the world at your fingertips like never before, you can be sure to achieve your vacation goals—as long as you set those goals carefully. That requires some reflection and choices even before you start lining up specific plans.

Are you looking for a getaway from the routine? A chance to experience exotic cities or natural beauty? An enriching historical or cultural experience for your kids? A way to create treasured family memories? Ask not just where you want to go but why you want to go there. Once you’ve considered these questions, be sure to write down the answers—or, better yet, tell a friend about them. says that people who write down their goals are 42 percent more likely to achieve them while those who tell others are 78 percent more likely.

Gather Ideas

Once vacation goals are established, consider the best strategy for achieving them. Would one trip of two or three weeks be more appropriate or several long weekends throughout the year? What are the places where you are most likely to have the experience you want? A fast-growing tool for this kind of research is Instagram—carefully filtered to avoid marketers and to define your choices precisely, it can show you the real experiences that other ordinary people have had on their vacations in those places. Jenni Fink in a Newsweek article provides a guide.


Plan Ahead & Save Money

Once you’ve matched a location to your vacation goals, planning the trip will become an exciting, targeted activity, according to the blogger Ramit Sethi. You will be able to investigate the most effective uses of time and money in that particular place, and you may discover that the destination can be enjoyed more economically than you expected. Also, your pre-planning gives you an opportunity to find discounts, choose affordable seasons, and even set aside money in a savings account regularly to cover costs. The less you put on the credit card while you’re on vacation, the more you’ll enjoy the trip—and the return.

Enjoy your Vacation

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. When you take the time to set shared strategic goals and carry out a plan to achieve them, you’ll have the pleasure of a successful preparation as well as a successful trip.

For a Colorado vacation that checks the boxes for family-friendly, affordable, thrills and new experiences, make plans to visit Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.

May your 2020 journeys and destinations be rewarding!

Make the Most of Your Colorado Summer Vacation to Glenwood Springs

Incorporate these Glenwood Springs travel tips for a family-friendly Colorado summer vacation that’s a blast from arrival to departure.

Book lodging. Do this first and your Glenwood Springs vacation will be off to a great start. There’s plenty of room for everyone in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, though depending on when you visit, choices may be limited, so book early. The resort town is home to 36 properties with over 1,700 rooms. Accommodations run the gamut from historic hotels to family-owned motels and flagship properties to camp grounds. Peruse glenwood springs lodging options.

Be sun smart. Glenwood Springs, Colorado is located at 5,700 feet above sea level and Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park tops out at 7,100 feet! Even on cloudy days, the sun’s rays are penetrating. Wearing sunscreen is so vitally important that the Park provides it for free!

Heads up. Keep an eye on the weather and be prepared with lightweight rain gear. During the warm weather seasons, Colorado frequently experiences afternoon thunderstorms, but don’t let that dampen your Glenwood Springs vacation. Thunderheads tend to roll through quickly. At the Glenwood Caverns that means rides may close temporarily, at other attractions patrons may be asked to vacate pools. If that happens, no matter where you are in Glenwood Springs, the best advice is to wait it out. If you’re at the Park, take advantage of indoor activities like the 4-D Motion Theater or laser tag.

Alpine Coaster is a top ride at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

Outwit the crowds. If possible, plan your Colorado summer vacation to Glenwood Springs on the shoulders of peak season and visit attractions during low traffic times of the day. At the Caverns, for example, mid-June through mid-August are the busiest. Avoid crowds by planning your trip in early June or at the end of August. If your trip coincides with peak season, consider arriving at Glenwood Caverns later in the day when temperatures cool and crowds thin out. You might even catch a spectacular Colorado sunset from the Viewing Deck!

Find your dining sweet spot. Glenwood Springs is a culinary hot spot. For outdoor and rooftop dining options in downtown, stroll along Seventh Street, known as Glenwood’s “restaurant row,”  where establishments like the Pullman and the Glenwood Canyon Brewpub are located, both are award-winning eateries. There are also palate-pleasing ethnic options to choose from including Indian, Jamaican, Nepalese, Mexican, Italian as well as Southern comfort food. Find a helpful dining guide here.

Explore all your options. Glenwood Springs is home to three geothermal attractions. The Iron Mountain Hot Springs offers a spa-like environment with 16 pools, all filled with 100 percent pure mineral water; Glenwood Hot Springs is great for families looking for slides and diving boards; and the Yampah Spa and Vapor Caves is one of the few places to experience a subterranean steam bath. In addition to hot springs, Glenwood Springs is also a major Colorado outdoor destination. Don’t miss opportunities to hike to places like Hanging Lake, go whitewater rafting through Glenwood Canyon and bicycle for miles along river trails like the Glenwood Canyon Recreation Trail or the Rio Grande Trail. For even more fun, check out this comprehensive list of things to do in Glenwood Springs.

Incorporate entertainment. Summertime is outdoor show time in Glenwood Springs. Sit back and take in the tunes or dance the night away.

  • Glenwood Caverns’ popular Music on the Mountain begins in May. The concert series features an eclectic mix of musical performers atop Iron Mountain.
  • Every Wednesday evening from June 28, through Aug. 2, at Two Rivers Park, the Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts hosts the Summer of Music. Over the years, it has become a venue for both established performers and up-and-coming musical talent.
  • This year marks the 120th Annual Strawberry Days festival, June 16 – 18. The 3-day festival features everything from nighttime dance bands to gospel on Sunday morning.
  • Also, debuting at the Caverns this summer is a new musical comedy melodrama written and directed by Jonathan Gorst. The former musical director of the National Tour of Phantom of the Opera also played piano for the Glenwood Vaudeville Revue for several years. Like the Vaudeville, the new melodrama is hilarious, complete with song, dance and perfectly-timed slapstick.

Exit strategy. Most visitors to Glenwood Springs come from the Denver area. If you’re homeward bound on I-70 East on a Sunday afternoon, you may find yourself in bumper-to-bumper gridlock. When it’s time to leave, plan to either go early in the day, before 9 a.m. or wait until late afternoon leaving after 5 p.m. Alternatively, avoid traffic snares by planning your vacation arrival and departure mid-week, when traffic flows along I-70 are lower.

For more ideas on how to make the most of your Colorado summer vacation to Glenwood Springs, visit