Inclement Weather: Riders on the Storm

Into every theme park, a little rain must fall. Depending on their location and attraction mix, theme parks respond to inclement weather with tips on toughing it out, partial closings, or, in the worst case—temporary attraction shutdowns. Don’t forget the silver lining in those clouds: showery days can mean shorter lines and a more relaxed visit overall.

Different venues manage weather differently depending on prevailing weather conditions in their location. Walt Disney World builds more sheltered space, including covered queues, than Disneyland because South Florida gets more storms than southern California (not to mention that the Florida parks have published cancellation policies in the even of hurricane or tropical storm warnings). The extra shade can help ease heat wave discomfort as well as protect from rain.

Check the rules online before you make the trip to avoid disappointment. Dollywood published a detailed list of the temperature at which each ride closes. Disneyland list the outdoor attractions that close temporarily during rain or lightning. At Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, storms come and go quickly. Rain checks are issued when Alpine Coaster, Cliffhanger Coaster, Soaring Eagle Zip Ride, Giant Canyon Swing, and Glenwood Canyon Flyer are ALL closed for an hour or more.

Visitors should also pack more prudently than destinations’ stereotypes might suggest – you might need a light jacket or long pants to stay comfortable in a Southern cold snap. Theme Park Insider Robert Niles recommends taking a rain jacket, but not an umbrella; making reservations at indoor eateries; and checking packages so you don’t have to carry souvenirs around when rain is predicted at Disneyland. “Embrace the rain and ride anything outside that’s a short wait time instead of huddling with the crowds trying to stay dry inside,” he says. “The upside to bad weather often is smaller crowds.”

Learn more about Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, America’s only mountaintop theme park in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Plan Ahead for Fun: Glenwood Caverns Annual Passes are on Sale Now

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park’s Annual Thrill Passes and Tram-only Passes are on sale now, buy yours before rates increase on Jan 2, 2018.

Winter is a long season in Colorado and the best way to enjoy it is make a plan to get outdoors. A tram ride to Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park during snow season is the perfect way to get a healthy dose of fresh air and have a great time along the way – whether you ride the Alpine Coaster or other rides, come for dinner and events, or to enjoy the views and our season-spanning Winter on the Mountain, which kicks off on November 18.

Annual Thrill Passes include unlimited tram rides, cave tours and attractions all year long. Thrill Pass holders also receive a ten percent discount at the Lookout Grille, the Snack Shack and the General Store gift shop. Tram-only pass holders have unlimited access to the ride the tram whenever they please.

Current pass holders can also cash in on the savings before rates go up. Even if your pass isn’t expiring soon, you can upgrade it to take advantage of the discounted, lower rates and enjoy the Park this winter and every season.

After Jan. 1, Annual Thrill and Tram-only pass prices will increase, so get them now to save big!  Passes are currently on sale and can be purchased online or at the tram base all days except Monday when the Park is closed. To receive annual pass discounts online, click on the links below and select your annual pass option, then enter promo code THRILL2018  for annual Thrill Passes or TRAM2018 for Tram-only passes.

Now:  Adult Thrill Pass $79, Child $69       After Jan 1:  Adult Thrill Pass $119, Child $109

Now:  Adult or Child Tram Pass $28          After Jan 1:  Adult or Child Tram Pass $32

You can also order you annual passes by phoning  Glenwood Caverns at 970-945-4228. After ordering, your annual passes will be available for pickup at the tram base.

Glenwood Caverns’ annual passes also make great holiday gifts that can easily be slipped into a card or stocking. The best part is even after winter snows have receded, you can still catch a ride to Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park for all your favorite rides, events and activities.

7 Reasons to Buy a 2017 Glenwood Caverns Annual Thrill Pass

View of Glenwood Springs

If you’ve ever considered purchasing a Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park Annual Thrill Pass, 2017 is the year to do it. This summer the Park will be opening one of the most anticipated theme park thrill rides in the country. That’s reason number one, with an added six more to help launch you into summer and beyond.

  1. Amazing value! Annual Thrill Passes are $99 for adults and $89 for kids 3 to 12. Think about that. A Funday Pass is a great value at $54 ($49 for kids); but if you come to the Park just twice in one year, you’ve more than paid for it. Your annual pass includes unlimited tram rides, cave tours, access to all the rides and attractions and discounts at the Park’s restaurants and gift shops.
  2. Cool off with a cave tour. Some summer days are so hot you just want someplace to go to escape the heat. With an annual pass, you’ve got it. Go underground for a cave tour where it’s always a cool 52°F.
  3. Lunch & dinner with a view. The Lookout Grille offers spectacular views of the Roaring Fork and Colorado River Valleys. With an Annual Thrill Pass you can regularly take in the scenery, snap panoramic photos, and enjoy cocktails or a meal with the best views in town.
  4. Don’t feel obligated to stay. The Annual Thrill Pass allows you to enjoy the Park for short periods of time; there’s no pressure to stay for hours. Take a few turns on your favorite rides and attractions before heading back down to the valley floor.
  5. Tram Pass Only Option. Maybe you prefer to ride the tram now and then to meet up with family and friends who are visiting or to take in the views from the observation deck, if so, the Annual Tram Pass is for you. For $28 (adults and kids) you can catch a lift to the Park anytime you please and also enjoy discounts at the restaurants and gift shops.
  6. Winter on the Mountain. Your annual pass is valid for a full year from the date you purchase it. That includes the holidays when Glenwood Caverns Winter on the Mountain brightens winter days with miles of twinkly displays, lighted thrill rides, special events and more. You have access to it all with your Annual Thrill Pass.
Couple admires formations at Glenwood Caverns