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Amusement Parks Bring Built-in Fun to Company Retreats and Meetings

Theme parks, like Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park and others provide built-in fun for a company event, whether it’s a picnic or a teambuilding exercise.

 A place constructed for play is perfect for getting away from the normal work environment for relaxation, social interaction, and shared experiences that can be the topic of pleasant conversations well into the future.

For a successful outing, it’s important to manage the temptation for individuals to scatter among the diversity of rides and attractions, preventing opportunities for the connections that were the goal in the first place. For a picnic, especially including children, that might mean a mix of structured and unstructured time during the day for both pursing different interests and regrouping for in-common activities. Riding the rides should be optional, not just because people’s tastes differ but also because they might not want to stand in long lines. If you’re not planning a full day, you might choose a time that is less busy and might even offer a discount.

If you’re planning a picnic or outing, Sam Ashe-Edmunds of the Arizona Central suggests starting with a survey of employees to gauge what they’d enjoy. That includes offering a choice of dates and sites for the event, but not so many that the group divides into small subgroups Listen to employees’ feedback to encourage attendance and avoid problems. Don’t miss out on the chance to negotiate a group discount and perks like front-line access with the amusement park.

Cave viewing at Glenwood Caverns Adventure ParkSet your company goals for the outing, such as socializing across departments and between management and staff. Scheduled and planned smaller-group activities or contests, mixed in with free time, can build camaraderie by including people across the office partitions. Even transportation to the site, such as a bus or carpooling, can encourage conversations among people who don’t typically interact.

If you’re planning a staff meeting or team building exercise in a theme park, Wildly Different suggests some ways to leverage the environment and some pitfalls to avoid.

A treasure/scavenger hunt or Amazing Race-style challenge (without the speed factor) can be structured to take advantage of the offerings in the park. The items and activities work best in the public areas rather than sending participants indoors to restaurants, stores or attractions. Make sure they don’t involve bothering other park guests.

If you don’t rent private space in the park, you might have everyone gather at another site to begin the event together, provide materials about the experience such as rules to read on the ride over, and gather again to celebrate the day and award prizes.

Learn more about planning your next company gathering at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.