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Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is located just off I-70 in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, midway between Aspen and Vail, approximately 160 miles west of Denver and 90 miles east of Grand Junction.

To reach the Park, at Glenwood Springs take exit 116 off of I-70, and turn north toward stop light, moving into left-turn lane. Turn left at the stop light, travel a short distance along the hotels, watching for the overhead gondola, and watching on the left-hand side of the road for our sign.

Turn left on Devereux, and take the next right into our parking area access road. The ticket office for the Park is at the Gondola Base.

Discounts are available for admission tickets and in the Gift Shop and Food & Beverage locations for members of the military, seniors 65+. Be sure to tell the cashier prior to purchasing to receive the military or senior discounts. Only one discount per transaction!

  • Group discounts are available to groups of 20 or more with meal and attractions options.
  • Annual pass holders will receive a 10% discount on food purchases and in the gift shops.
  • For a 20% discount, check out our Combo Tickets to enjoy two of Glenwood’s Premier Attractions. No refunds on combo tickets.

Yes. Some of our rides and tours have age and height limitations in order to ensure the safety of our guests. A supervising companion is defined as any guest that is at least 14 years of age and meets all of the requirements to ride unaccompanied and is responsible for ensuring that the guest requiring a companion complies with rider instructions.  Additionally, guests must meet the above criteria and be 16 years of age to be a supervising companion on the Alpine Coaster.

There are also some activities in which expectant mothers or persons who have heart or respiratory problems should not participate.

Alpine Coaster

  • With two riders, the front rider must be at least a head-height shorter than the driver.
  • Riders between 38″ and 54” tall must be at least three years old and accompanied by a supervising companion at least 16 years of age.
  • You must be taller than 54″ to ride the Coaster alone.
  • You must be at least 16 years old to carry a passenger as a supervising companion.
  •  Your child’s cost is 1 ticket ($6).
  • Max combined weight 330 lbs.

Cliffhanger Roller Coaster

  • Minimum 48″ height to ride.

Defiance Roller Coaster

  • Minimum 48″ height to ride.

Giant Canyon Swing

  • You must be at least 48″ tall to ride the Giant Canyon Swing.

Giddy Up

  • 36″ minimum height.
  • Maximum combined weight 750 lbs.

Glenwood Canyon Flyer

  • You must be at least 56″ tall to ride alone, and children must be at least 48″ tall to ride the Glenwood Canyon Flyer with a supervising companion.
  • Maximum weight per ride carrier is 330lbs.

Laser Tag

  • Recommended for children 5 years and older.
  • Children under 5 must be accompanied by a supervising companion.

Mine Wheel

  • Minimum 51″ height to ride alone.
  • Children under 51″ height must ride with supervising companion 16 years or older.

4D Motion Theater

  • Riders must be able to sit in a seat by themselves.
  • Not recommended for kids younger than 3 years.
  • Children under 3 years may sit in lap of supervising companion in non-motion seats.

Soaring Eagle Zip Ride

  • You must be at least 42″ tall to ride the Soaring Eagle Zip Ride.
  • Maximum weight for a single rider is 300 lbs and combined 450 lbs for two riders

Wild West Express Coaster

  • 48″ minimum height to ride alone.
  • 36″ minimum height to ride with supervising companion.

Cave Tour

  • A supervising companion must accompany children under 13.
  • Tour is not recommended for persons who are pregnant or have heart or respiratory problems.
  • King’s Row cave tour includes 120 steps.
  • Foods and liquids of any sort (water, formula, juice, etc.) are prohibited in the caverns.

Wild Cave Tour

  • Ages 10 – 17: must be accompanied by an adult 18 or older.
  • Not recommended if you are claustrophobic, are pregnant, or have heart or respiratory problems.
  • Advanced reservations are required.

Yes. There are some activities in which expectant mothers or persons who have heart or respiratory problems should not participate.

Some rides are not recommended for persons with the following conditions: recent surgery, heart conditions, neck or back problems, muscle or bone problems, pregnancy, visibly upset, fear of heights, motion sickness, casts, splints, rigid braces, or any other condition they are aware of that may result in injury or complication.

Persons under the influence of alcohol or controlled substance are prohibited from riding.

Guests with casts or braces will be restricted from riding certain rides where the cast or brace may present a hazard to the guest or others or prevent the rider from maintaining proper riding position throughout the ride.

The following rules apply:
• Alpine Coaster (including the passenger) – Casts and neck braces are not permitted.  Prosthetic devices are permitted below the knee.
• Crystal Tower – Double jointed casts, cervical collars, and neck braces are not permitted. Prosthetic devices are permitted at the knee or below.
• Giant Canyon Swing – Double jointed casts and neck braces are not permitted.  Prosthetic devices are permitted below the knee.
• Cliffhanger – Double jointed casts and neck braces are not permitted.  Lower prosthetic devices are permitted below the knee.  Upper prosthetic devices not permitted.
• Canyon Flyer – Double jointed casts and neck braces are not permitted.  Prosthetic devices are permitted below the knee.
• Zip Ride – Double jointed casts, prosthetic devices, and neck braces are not permitted.
• Wild West Express – Double jointed casts and neck braces are not permitted. 
Casts that do not cover the elbow or knee are allowed on the following:
• Giddy up – Double jointed casts and neck braces are not permitted. 
• 4D Theater – Neck braces are not permitted in a motion seat.

Casts and braces are allowed on the Mine Wheel.

Go Pros are not allowed on any ride unless mounted to the rider’s chest and does not interfere with the restraint system.

Yes, a  Release of Liability Waiver (Exención Por Actividades) must be signed prior to riding or participating in the Alpine Coaster, Defiance, Crystal Tower, Cliffhanger Coaster, Glenwood Canyon Flyer, Giant Canyon Swing, Zip Ride, Laser Tag, Sluice Box, Mine Wheel ride, Giddy Up, Speleobox Cave Simulator, Wild West Express coaster and 4D Motion Theater. To save yourself time, please download, print and bring this waiver with you. One waiver per person is required. Riders younger than 18 must have a parent’s or guardian’s signature on the waiver.

*** Anyone younger than 18 years of age must have a parent’s or guardian’s consent and signature on a Wild Tour Liability Waiver to participate.

Q. How should I dress for the walking cave tour?
A. If you’re going on a cave tour you will want comfortable walking shoes. The cave is 52 degrees year-round.

Q. Can I take pictures and video in the cave?
A. Yes, you can. However, in order to protect the caves, no tripods are allowed.

Q. Can my infant go on the cave tour?
A. Yes, you can also use a  front pack to carry them. Back carriers are not allowed. If you are worried the infant will disrupt the tour, stay toward the back.

Q. Can I take my food, water, and backpack in the cave?
A. No, these items are not allowed. There are places in the cave where a backpack will scrape against the cave and damage formations. These restrictions are for the protection of the cave. Storage lockers are available near the start of the cave tour where you can store your items for a quarter.

Q. If I only have time for one cave tour, which cave tour should I do?
A.  Both 40-minute guided tours are special in their own way, but here is some information that may help you decide. The Historic Fairy Cave leads you through a 1/4 of a mile underground stroll with occasional narrow passage ways and a brief visit outside on Exclamation Point with panoramic views of Glenwood Springs. King’s Row takes you into the wide-open Barn with 120 stairs down into the most highly decorated cave room in Colorado featuring stunning formations! Just remember, you’ll have to hike your way back up the stairs.

Current Weather Conditions
Average Monthly Temperatures (courtesy of


See our Rides & Attractions Status. You can also check our attraction ride status signs at the ticket window at the Gondola base and at our Guest Services desk on top of the mountain, or give us a call at 800-530-1635, ext. 0.

Yes, children can enjoy many of the Park’s activities. Kid-friendly activities are listed below. For more details on the various Park rides and activities and seasonal closures, please refer to our Attractions web page and our Thrill Rides web page.

  • Glenwood Gondola – gondola ride with incredible mountain views
  • Alpine Coaster – riding alone or with an adult in an individual car, you’ll be cruising down an alpine slope surrounded by Colorado’s gorgeous scenery
    You must be taller than 56″ to ride the Coaster alone. Children must be at least 3 years of age and 38″ tall to ride with an adult 16 years of age or older. Your child’s cost is 1 ticket ($6). Max combined weight 350 lbs
  • Laser Tag – Old West shoot-out using the latest in wireless laser technology
    Recommended 5 years and older. Children under 5 must be accompanied by an adult
  • 4D Motion Theater – Enjoy the first 4D theater in Colorado – with moving seats, surround sound, and special effects that make you feel like you’re inside the movie!  Riders must be able to sit in a seat by themselves. Not recommended for kids younger than 3 years. Small children may sit in lap of adult in non-motion seats
  • Cave Tours – two 40-minute guided walking tours of Glenwood Caverns & Historic Fairy Caves (Strollers and backpacks are not allowed inside the caves. Small children should be carried in arms or in a front pack.)
    For more info on our Cave Tours visit our Cave Tour Web Page

Summer Only Activities:

  • Discovery Rock – gemstone sluice box mining and a sand pit fossil dig
  • Giddy Up – Lifts up to seven riders into the air, and then lowers them back down to the ground in a bouncing motion that creates a negative G-force, providing a thrilling ride every time   36″ minimum height. (Maximum combined weight 750 lbs)
  • Shootin’ Gallery – an electronic shooting gallery with animated, Western-themed targets that test each shooter’s skills and concentration
  • Mine Wheel – This Ferris-wheel-style ride carries you ’round and ’round, with views of the Adventure Park and the Roaring Fork Valley below
    Minimum 51″ height to ride alone, under 51″ height must ride with a supervising companion 14 years or older
  • Wild West Express family coaster – Zip around the track through bumps and kid-friendly curves.
    48″ minimum height to ride alone 36″ minimum height to ride with adult

Yes. The Lookout Grille and the Smokehouse serve wine, beer, and alcoholic drinks. During the summer months, we also have the Popcorn Wagon serving snacks and beverages.

Please note: outside food or drink, including alcohol, is not permitted. Also guests are not allowed to take their alcohol purchases in the cave, in a ride line or down the gondola.

You must be at least 21 years of age, with valid identification, to purchase an alcoholic beverage.

Guests are not allowed to bring coolers into the park. Dining options are available at the park at the indoor Lookout GrilleSmokehouse in the Plaza and the Popcorn Wagon.

Alcohol is not allowed. Backpacks, strollers, food and drinks may not be brought into the cave.

The park is located on top of Iron Mountain at an elevation of 7,100′ in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Because our weather can be unpredictable, it’s a good idea to check the local weather forecast. The caverns stay a cool 52 degrees year round. To maximize your enjoyment, please bring a light jacket or sweater and wear comfortable walking shoes.

We accept: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, cash, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. Payment is due upon arrival. Sorry, we do not accept personal checks.

We’re committed to protecting our beautiful mountain landscape and priceless natural wonders:

  • Glenwood Caverns & Historic Fairy Caves is protected by two airtight doors forming an airlock, as well as temperature and humidity monitors.
  • When building the Glenwood Gondola, the towers were brought in by helicopter so that no trees were removed from the mountainside during construction.
  • Throughout the park, please use our recycle bins for your bottles and cans.

Charles W. Darrow, a pioneering Glenwood Springs attorney, opened the Fairy Caves to the public in 1895. History does not record why he chose the name Fairy Caves, but historians have speculated that it was because fish-tail-like helictites found within the cave may have reminded Darrow of the wings of fairies.

Victorians frequently discussed the possibility of the existence of fairies, and perhaps Darrow and his family were familiar with the popular works of Andrew Lang, a Scottish scholar who published an extensive best-selling book series of fairy tales for children in the late 1800s.

Fairies have always symbolized good luck and happiness. Nineteenth-century tourists, as well as today’s visitors, share a desire for good luck and happiness. Another theory of the origin of the name Fairy Caves is that one of Darrow’s daughters felt that the light from her lantern reflecting off the droplets of water in the cave looked like fairies dancing around the caves.

No matter what the real reason for the name Fairy Caves, the caves were magical and had an emotional appeal for the early Colorado pioneers. Both children and adults enjoy the fantasy of glittering fairies dancing around within the cave to bring good luck and happiness to all.

Glenwood Springs offers an incredible range of activities year-round, including the new Iron Mountain Hot Springs and the Glenwood Hot Springs; world-class white water rafting, kayaking, and fishing; golf; scenic hiking and biking trails; spas; shopping; dining; downhill and cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing; horseback riding; hunting; wildlife viewing; festivals; free music concerts; and more. See our Visitors Guide to start planning your trip. Visit our Glenwood Springs web page or call the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association at 970-945-6589 for more information.

Glenwood Springs, Colorado, is located just off I-70, exit 116, and is close to several airports. Eagle County Airport is 30 miles east of town; the Aspen/Pitkin County Airport is 40 miles to the south; and Walker Field in Grand Junction is 90 miles to the west. Amtrak’s California Zephyr has year-round, daily arrivals in Glenwood Springs from points east and west.

Yes, discounts are available to groups of 20 or more. Email us at or call to check availability: 970-945-4228 ext. 118. 

The Glenwood Gondola and Adventure Park, including the Adventure Park Gift Shop and the Lookout Grille, are wheelchair-accessible. There is gravel in the plaza and on some pathways which can make it difficult to navigate a wheelchair. Other pathways are also quite steep, which can pose additional challenges to guests using wheelchairs. Because of the stairs and walkways that allow for safe foot travel through the cave’s natural terrain, we’re unable to allow wheelchairs or strollers into the caverns. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but are bound by Mother Nature’s creation and the safety of our valued guests.

The weather in the Rocky Mountains can change quickly. In the spring and summer months it is not uncommon to experience thunderstorms which brings wind and lightning. If we experience high wind or lightning in close proximity, the gondola will slow down and sometimes stop. We may also close the gondola for a period of time until the weather passes; typically, these storms move through in 45 to 90 minutes.
Rain checks will be issued if all the rides are closed for more than 60 continuous minutes due to weather.
Please plan accordingly for these delays as there is no alternative means of transportation. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.

Keep in mind that storms come and go quickly, and your best option may be to wait out the storm!

$5 parking is available at the Glenwood Gondola station and a free lot is located a short distance away.  Please follow directional signage. Annual pass holders park free!

Sorry no, we do not allow pets on the Glenwood Gondola or inside the Park.  Learn more about our Pet Policy. A service animal that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability is allowed.  Please do not leave your dog in your car especially during the heat of the summer.  We ask that you do not tie up your dog to your car unattended as this may jeopardize the safety of our guests.  A pet daycare in Glenwood Springs is High Tails.

Ride Glenwood Springs offers transportation seven days a week for free, and route/schedule information may be found at the Glenwood Springs Municipal website. The Roaring Fork Transportation Authority also serves Glenwood Springs and the Roaring Fork Valley. Visit for schedules and routes.

You are not allowed to bring coolers (hard or soft side), radios, sleeping bags, luggage, bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, alcohol, drones, firearms, or weapons of any kind into the Park. GoPros are allowed into the park, but not on the thrill rides unless they are attached to your body.

We continually evaluate our safety protocols and procedures and consult with experts in the industry. As part of this process, we determined that implementing an electronic screening system is the best way for us to uphold safety standards for our guests, team members and community.

Yes. Our Annual Thrill Pass provides unlimited access to most of the Park’s attractions for a full year. Annual passholders also receive discounts on all attractions, as well as in the gift shops and restaurants and free parking.

Annual Gondola Pass holders enjoy unlimited rides on the Glenwood Gondola for a whole year, plus discounts. Read more about our pass options and prices.

Want to come back soon?  Upgrade today!  We will apply your ticket price from today’s transaction to the annual pass or gondola pass.

Smoking and e-cigarettes is allowed only in the designated smoking area located across from the Zip Ride. Smoking or the use of any tobacco or marijuana products is prohibited in the gondola cars, inside the Visitor’s Center, including the restaurant and gift shop, and the inside the cave. Marijuana is prohibited in the Park.

Please plan to spend at least a half day to enjoy the Park. If you’re taking a Wild Tour, plan to spend the whole day so that you’ll have time to enjoy the Park’s other attractions as well.

The Park is open year-round, but please check our park hours page prior to purchasing a ticket because the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons have varied hours and rides operating. Our rides and attractions are seasonal and some may not be open due to the season or weather. Check our ride status to see what rides are open. Summer is our busiest season, and there’s always something fun going on. The best time to visit during the summer is late afternoon where you’ll find fewer lines and cooler weather. 

Yes, you can bring your stroller on the gondola as long as it’s folded up and your child sits on your lap or next to you. Please note that there is gravel in the plaza and on some walkways making it more difficult to push your stroller.

Yes, lockers are available for a one time use of $0.50. All day use for $5.00. Head to our Gift Shop for more information.

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