Community Giving

In an effort to manage a high number of requests from our local non-profits, we implemented a new application process to incorporate a fair and impartial system to best serve our community.

To apply, please dowload this application, print, and complete all sections. Send back to You can use one application if you are requesting support from both of our companies.

After this application is received, we will review and assess how your event and sponsorship request fits into our company culture and sponsorship budget. Review and selections dates will occur in the months of March, June, September and December. We will notify the sponsorship coordinator by email with our decision. If approved, the required marketing materials and/or check will be prepared, and we will schedule deliverables with the sponsorship coordinator.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate verification of nonprofit status including 501(c3). Due to the number of submissions we receive, it is not possible to satisfy every request. Priority consideration will be given to organizations that have not received another sponsorship or donation within the calendar year. Past support for an organization does not guarantee future support.


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