FREE Gondola – Enjoy the views during June 2024! 

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Due to High Winds

Beautiful Colorado Weather Will Rock Your Summer

Summer in the Rockies offers ideal Colorado weather for healthy, fun, and memorable activities – pretty much anything except, of course, skiing. The high elevations and thinner air make for significant swings in temperature between day and night while keeping humidity low and letting in plenty of sunlight.

The climate numbers are all in your favor:

  • Sun. Days are bright with rare clouds. Brightest sunlight most shortwave solar energy reaching the ground) is June 17. Late June days enjoy almost 15 full hours of sunlight.
  • Rain. Likelihood of a rainout is low – about an inch a month in June and July, 1¼ inch in August. June 15 has the lowest chance of summer rain, 13 percent, but the highest chance is just 24 percent, on July 31.
  • Wind. Summer winds are from the west, almost never above 4 mph. Calmest is August 7 – 2.5 mph.
  • Thunderstorms. Weather in the Rockies can be unpredictable, but when afternoon thunderstorms do roll in, they move through quickly. We recommend taking shelter, either waiting it out or as an opportunity to experience our indoor attractions like the 4-D Theater and laser tag.
  • Average temperatures (Fahrenheit): June – high 84°, low 45°. July – high 89°, low 52°. August – high 87°, low 51°.

This means visitors should pack a variety of clothing in addition to the usual summertime shorts, short sleeves, and swimsuit – light jackets for some days, hiking attire if you’re hiking, warmer garb if you’re camping out. Also bring a hat for personal shade, plenty of sunscreen, and water, lip balm, and lotion to make up for the low moisture in the air.

Because safety is always our number one priority, we sometimes temporarily close the tram due to weather conditions like high winds or lightning. If that happens, we will provide alternate transportation to and from the Park via our new adventure vehicles.

To find out more about the weather in Glenwood Springs, Colorado and what to pack for a day at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.

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Please note- the park is closed June 18th and June 19th

For an unplanned Xcel energy project to upgrade critical energy systems in western Colorado. We truly regret this inconvenience. The park will reopen Thursday, June 20th at 9am.

FREE Gondola – Enjoy the views during June 2024!