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Get Outside Today: 7 Winter Adventures in Glenwood Springs

Looking for thrilling outdoor activities to rev up winter fun? In addition to having a screaming good time with us at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, check out these other bucket-list winter adventures you can have in Glenwood Springs.

Given our name—Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park—“adventure” is our core identity. We are the only mountaintop theme park in all of North America! Our thrill rides take advantage of the unique geography—try rocketing downhill on the Alpine Coaster. For thrills of a different sort, take a tour of the King’s Row, one of the most decorated cave rooms in Colorado!

It’s a fact that Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is the town’s top adventure destination, but it’s not the only one. When you visit Glenwood Springs, you’ll quickly find there are outdoor winter adventures galore. Some are more intense than others, but all of them are bound to boost your mood, chase away the winter blues and get your blood pumping. Get going today!

More Winter Adventures in Glenwood Springs

  1. Iron Mountain Hot Springs in Glenwood SpringsHot Springs. Glenwood Springs is home to three hot springs, all offering very different experiences. Iron Mountain Hot Springs features 16 soaking pools on a terraced slope along the Colorado River. Glenwood Hot Springs Pool is considered the world’s largest with two enormous pools for outdoor bathing and the Yampah Spa and Vapor Caves utilizes geothermal heat from the hot springs for an all-natural steam bath in a cave setting.
  2. Glenwood Springs has winter adventures for the whole familySki and Ride at Sunlight Mountain Resort. Glenwood’s hometown ski resort is a fave with locals and visitors in the know. Its mostly beginner and intermediate runs appeal to the vast majority of guests, but the area’s East Ridge features a cluster of double black diamond runs to challenge even the most seasoned experts.
  3. Snow Biking at Babbish Gulch. Gradually gaining popularity, more fat-tire winter cyclists are pedaling this network of interconnected trails. Firmly packed snow makes the single track trails a fun romp in cold weather.
  4. Fishing on the Colorado River. Did you know some of the best fishing occurs in winter? Much less pressure on aquatic species increases your odds of hooking a trophy-sized trout. While winter is certainly considered the off-season, fishing outfitters are more than happy for the opportunity to get on the river and show you their favorite spots.
  5. Hike Up Red Mountain. Located in town, this hike which culminates at a cross on the summit is sure to give you a workout. For less-intense cardio, choose to walk up the road also known as the Jeanne Golay Trail; for added intensity follow the Cross Trail, a steep single track. Take a breather and appreciate the spectacular views at a couple of benches along the way.
  6. Skin up, Ski Down. Another way to go vertical is to skin up the runs at Sunlight Mountain Resort and ski down. Purchase an Uphill Pass for $10 and get moving. Choose the Green route for the easiest climb or the more difficult Orange route.
  7. Snowmobiling Tours. When you want a full-throttle winter adventure, go snowmobiling. Sunlight Snowmobiling Tours will loan you all the gear you need from a helmet and bibs to warm gloves. Follow your guide to some of the most beautiful and remote backcountry in the Glenwood Springs area.

Get going! Learn more about Glenwood Springs and plan your visit to Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park today!

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FREE Gondola – Enjoy the views during June 2024!