Get Your Professional Photos at the Following Locations

Alpine Coaster at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

Alpine Coaster

Available year-around. View your photo as soon as you get off the ride and marvel at Mt. Sopris in the background. Yes, it’s really there; this is not a green screen. Each 6×8” print comes in a beautiful souvenir folder. Your photo is available as long as the park is open that day. If the Alpine Coaster photo booth is closed, those photos will be available at the Cave Shack located across from the entrance to the Historic Fairy Cave Tour.
Cave photos at Glenwood Caverns

Cave Photos

We take a quick photo of everyone who takes the Historic Fairy Cave Tour. They are available for purchase and viewing at the Cave Shack after your tour. Photos are available each day, year-around from the first Fairy Cave Tour in the morning until the park closes or 7pm during the Summer. Photos are not available on the King’s Row Cave Tour at this time.

Cliff Hanger Roller Coaster at Glenwood Caverns

Cliff Hanger

Available between Memorial Day and Labor Day, these photos are often hilarious. They’re a great way to remember your first time on the Cliff Hanger or that 100 th time when your kids’ expressions were so great you just had to take your memories home with you. The Cliff Hanger photo booth will be open daily between Memorial Day and Labor Day. If this booth is closed for any reason, photos are also available at the Cave Shack or the Alpine Coaster.

Giant Canyon Swing Videos

Both sides are now available! These high-definition videos with sound have become very popular with Giant Canyon Swing riders. Get a minute-long clip of your screaming, crying and laughing expressions to take home with you. These are great for social media, and especially for those first-time riders who need proof to show to their family members that they actually rode the Swing! A 4 Gig USB with your videos on it is available at the Cave Shack during the summer months and as long as the ride operates.

There are also some stock photos of the park on this drive. The price for the first Swing Video is $25 and then $15 for each additional video. Once you have purchased a video, all other photos in the park are just $10 for either digital or 6×8 prints in souvenir folders.

Group Photos at Glenwood Caverns

Group Photos

Group photos must be booked in advance and are $30 for a digital copy and one print. Get your family or group photo on the observation deck with Mt. Sopris and Glenwood Springs in the background. Additional prints and digital photos can be purchased for the rest of the day at our discounted rate. Book your group photo at least one week ahead of time by contacting the Photo Department at 970-945-4228, ext. 130.

Mine Wheel Ride at Glenwood Caverns

Where to Find Your Photos

The Cave Shack, or the photo booth across from the Historic Fairy Cave Tour entrance, stays open year-round and offers sales on all of these photo and video opportunities. Photo booths at the Alpine Coaster and the Cliff Hanger roller coaster are open seasonally and are open every day from Memorial Day to Labor Day. If either of these booths are closed, all photos and videos are available at the Cave Shack.

You can purchase any of these photos or videos individually as you go from booth to booth throughout the day, which we recommend. Our discount applies, even if you purchase photos one at a time. Alternatively, you can wait until later in the day and purchase them all together at the Cave Shack. If you decide to do this, don’t forget to write down your photo numbers! This makes it much easier to find them later in the day. Please don’t wait until the end of the day; the photo department closes with the rest of the park.

Print & Video Pricing

First Purchase
2nd Print Purchase
2nd Video Purchase
6×8” Print with Souvenir Folder
First Purchase
2nd Print Purchase
2nd Video Purchase
Video (Giant Canyon Swing)
  • Photos are available for purchase after you leave, but there will be a charge of up to $10 for shipping and handling. We store photos for up to two weeks.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about our hours of operation, or our photo opportunities, please contact us at 970-945-4228, ext. 130.

View Your Photos

You can view your photos at these locations:
  • Alpine Coaster photo booth
  • Cave Shack photo booth across from the cave tour entrance
  • Cliffhanger Roller Coaster photo booth
If we missed you please contact us at: [email protected] or call us at 800-530-1635 x 130. We store your photos for two weeks and can mail your photos if you forgot to purchase before leaving the park.