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Rock On: Meet Rebecca Gabriel, the Singing Cave Tour Guide

Becca, as she prefers to be called, rocks her job as a cave tour guide at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park where her vocal and comedic talents play a leading role in her success.

Born and raised in Glenwood Springs, Becca has always loved to sing and had a flair for the dramatic. She attended the local high school where she participated in a few theatrical productions, but her passion for theater blossomed in college. “I was originally interested in theater from the writing perspective, but after a while, I moved to a more of upfront position.” After graduating with a degree in theater arts, Becca was looking for work that would utilize her public speaking skills as well as her creativity. She applied to be a cave tour guide for Glenwood Caverns. “They hired me on the spot, and I’ve been here ever since.” That was seven years ago.

King's Row tour at Glenwood Caverns Adventure ParkAs a cave guide, Becca receives standing ovations in the form of exceptional reviews. This guest comment sums up how visitors feel after taking one of her tours, “Becca made our experience so much fun! She even sang to us on the cave tour. She’s awesome.”

While well versed in theatrics, she didn’t know much about cave science or spelunking when she started. “I actually fell in love with the caves after I got the job. What’s cool is that I found one of my favorite hobbies through my job.” In addition to leading walking tours of the caves, Becca also guides Wild Tours, an authentic spelunking experience that requires guests to squeeze, crawl and shimmy their way through tight spaces illuminated only by a headlamp. Wild Tours are currently unavailable due to COVID, but Becca looks forward to the day when she can take guests into those remote subterranean regions again.

Fairy Caves Reflective PoolUntil then, she’s content to show off the caves to anyone who turns up for her tours. “As a cave guide, I get to meet so many amazing and diverse people from all over the world. Everyone reacts differently to the caves,” she said, and that’s part of the fun for her. With her theater background, she’s a pro at reading the crowd. “For groups that are more curious about the caves, I’ll go in-depth about the exploration aspect and the science of the caves. For groups with kids or folks that just want to have fun, I’ll pump out the jokes as hard as I can. Either way, it’s always a good time.”

Becca is quick to point out that cave tours are a balance of providing information and entertainment. “Our manager does an amazing job of training us with the facts we need to include in tours, but she also allows us to personalize tours and make them our own,” she said. “No matter how many times a visitor comes back for a cave tour, it will be a different experience every time—even with the same guide!”

“I do what I can so that guests learn something new, have fun and leave smiling,” Becca said. “The caves are such a beautiful place and it’s awesome to see people experience the WOW factor. I try to add entertainment on top of it, but the cave is the main attraction.”

One of her favorite reactions is seeing guests come out of a tour with a newfound respect for nature. “People don’t realize how amazing and fragile that environment is until they experience it for themselves.”

Becca has no plans to exit the stage, she plans on leading her crooning cave tours for the foreseeable future. “I love singing in general, but it’s extra special in the caves where the acoustics really help me out,” she said. Her favorite genre? Rock, of course. If you’re lucky enough to have taken one of Becca’s cave tours, you may have been delighted by her rendition of the Rocky theme song or Bon Jovi’s Eye of the Tiger. Rock on Becca!

See King’s Row and the Historic Fairy Caves on your next visit to Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. Learn more and make plans to visit today!

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