• Great views!

Beginning in October 2018, Glenwood Caverns started replacing the tramway that carries guests from the floor of the Roaring Fork Valley to the top of Iron Mountain making it a 4300-foot-long ride. The new Glenwood Gondola will include 44 detachable, six-passenger cabins that will increase capacity to 1,000 people per hour. The current tram, with 18 cabins, transported 300 an hour.

Visitors experience a towering panoramic view of the spectacular Rocky Mountain scenery as they skim over the tops of the trees, up to the top of Iron Mountain and the entrance to Glenwood Caverns and Historic Fairy Caves.

Visitors of all ages will enjoy the 5-minute scenic ride inside six-person, fully-enclosed gondolas with large clear windows. The gondolas will be wheelchair-accessible, including motorized wheelchairs.

After visitors unload the gondolas, they can take a cave tour, eat at the mountain-top restaurant, Lookout Grille, try exciting thrill rides, or simply enjoy the expansive views.