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An Inspired, Art-filled Vacation in Glenwood Springs

Whether they are painting on canvas or sculpting in marble, Glenwood Springs artists have a knack for surprising and delighting visitors with their art and visionary creativity.

Glenwood Springs is home to a thriving arts culture. Far from snooty, the art scene in this Colorado mountain town is engaging and accessible to one and all—much of it free to see and easy to experience.

Outdoor Art 

On display in the “public square,” Glenwood Springs outdoor art installations are communal places where everyone can enjoy a visual pick-me-up.

  • Wings is an outdoor art installation in Glenwood SpringsWings. Attached to historic buildings and located in tucked-away places downtown are four sets of oversized angel and butterfly wings. Designed to be interactive, the artwork comes to life when passersby become part of it by posing for photos and imagining that the massive wings are their own.
  • Tubing the Colorado. The 24,000-pound marble sculpture near the north end of the pedestrian bridge celebrates the town’s connection to rafting and water sports, depicting a mother and children splashing through waves carved of stone.
  • Grand Fountain. Located at the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, this color-changing fountain is mesmerizing to watch as it transitions through all the colors of the rainbow. It’s best appreciated after dark from the vantage point of the pedestrian bridge.
  • Neon. Glenwood Springs is home to a fantastic collection of vintage neon signs the most famous of which is the pistol at Doc Holliday’s Tavern. Other glow-in-the-dark markers that grace the Glenwood Springs skyline include the roofline Riviera Supper Club sign and Hotel Denver’s Art Deco red lettering that wraps around the top of the boutique hotel.


Artists possess a unique vision and share their view of the world through their work. Appreciate and shop for fine art made by local creatives at welcoming galleries in Glenwood Springs.

  • Cooper Corner. Stroll this artist’s collective located at the corner of Cooper Avenue and 8th Street to see the work of some of Glenwood’s most talented artists. You can purchase originals or take home something smaller and more affordable such as prints and postcards. The shop also sells functional art including pottery and cutting boards.
  • Art on 8th. This fine craft and weaving studio is the home of Mountain Valley Weavers, a vocational program for adults receiving care from Mountain Valley Development Services. The weavers create beautiful, handmade placemats, table runners and towels. In addition to the program, the store also features the work of Colorado-based artists.


Enjoy the art of architecture in Glenwood SpringsEye-pleasing architectural design elements create a strong sense of place that leaves a lasting impression. Some of the most beautiful structures in Glenwood Springs are also the most historic.

  • Hotel Colorado. Designed by architect Edward Tilton, the hotel mimics the 16th Century Villa de Medici in Rome, Italy. Though inspired by European grandeur, it features locally quarried sandstone from the Frying Pan Valley. A pair of towers create a grand entrance for guests. Hotel Colorado was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977.
  • Glenwood Springs Train Depot. Opened in 1904, the train depot on Seventh Street adds ambiance to Glenwood’s restaurant district. It was built in the Romanesque style to complement the Glenwood Hot Springs buildings and the Hotel Colorado. Its towers feature pyramidal red clay-tiled roofs and were the inspiration for the shelters using similar materials on the pedestrian bridge.

Feeling inspired? Add some artistic flair to your next Glenwood Springs vacation. Learn more today at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, your go-to resource for all things Glenwood Springs!

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FREE Gondola – Enjoy the views during June 2024!