FREE Gondola – Enjoy the views during June 2024! 

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Due to High Winds

Blacklight Cave Tour

A Unique Experience

Come and experience the Historic Fairy Cave in a whole new light! Pre-tour you will learn about the difference between the fluorescence and Phosphorescence glow of the minerals in our cave. You will be equipped with a UV Blacklight flashlight to use during your interactive tour to illuminate the cave in exciting ways and show colors only seen in this light. Your guide will point out fun features and show you how to excite electrons and cause an afterglow.

$20 Add-On Cave Tour
(not included in the Funday ticket and is not an upgrade)

  • Open through Labor Day weekend
  • No discount for annual pass holders or if guests already purchased a Gondola and Cave or Funday ticket.
  • Guest can only buy onsite at either the ticket window at the base or the ticket window at top.
  • Minimum age is 8 years old
  • No CH vs AD pricing, add-on is $20 each
  • 16 Guest capacity per cave tour
  • Three evening tours per week on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 4pm, 4:50pm and 5:40pm

Free Gondola

During the month of June 2024, check out the scene for free! Experience panoramic views of our spectacular Rocky Mountain scenery from the top of Iron Mountain.

King’s Row

The most highly decorated cave room in Colorado! This is a 40 minute walking tour.

Fairy Caves 

40 min guided walking tour suitable for most fitness levels.

Wild Tour

For those seeking an authentic cave adventure.

Cave History

Learn more about the rich history of our caves!


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Please note- the park is closed June 18th and June 19th

For an unplanned Xcel energy project to upgrade critical energy systems in western Colorado. We truly regret this inconvenience. The park will reopen Thursday, June 20th at 9am.

FREE Gondola – Enjoy the views during June 2024!