Wild Cave Tours

The Wild Tour

Sorry, we are unable to run wild tours summer 2020 due to social distancing directives by our local government.

For those seeking an authentic caving adventure, sign up for the Wild Tour! See Glenwood Caverns much like spelunkers did when they explored the caverns for the first time—squeezing through tight spots and emerging into hidden rooms all by the narrow beam of a headlamp. Gear up for this 2-hour guided tour (individually priced) that takes you deep into Iron Mountain to rarely visited areas and chambers for an exhilarating, on-your-belly and crawling experience you’ll never forget.

What to expect. Be prepared to shimmy through sections as narrow as 18 inches square. Your efforts will be rewarded with views of awe-inspiring cave formations that few people ever get a chance to see. Plan to spend a total of three hours on your Wild Tour —30 minutes to gear up, two hours spelunking, and another 30 minutes to put away gear upon your return. Reservations are required. See more details below.

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Wild tours scheduling:

Reservations are required for the Wild Cave Tours.
(This tour is not included in the Funday Pass.)

Call 970-945-4228 or 1-800-530-1635, extension 0

  • Wild tours are available from 10:30am to 2:30pm on Saturdays.
  • Other days available by appointment (4 person min group size), subject to guide availability, please call for more info.
  • Ages 10 – 17: you can participate if accompanied by an adult 18 or older, and have a parent’s or guardian’s consent and signature on a Wild Tour Liability Waiver.
  • All Wild Tour participants: please read, sign, and bring copies of the Wild Tour Liability Waiver and the Cave Conservation Pledge.
  • Please wear sturdy shoes that are comfortable for walking and crawling. No open-toed shoes allowed. You can bring old clothes if you choose: long pants and long-sleeved shirts that may get dirty and/or ripped.* Or, coveralls will be provided.**
  • This is a strenuous activity that involves crawling on your hands, knees, and stomach, sometimes for extended periods. The smallest section is approximately 18 inches square so this tour is not recommended for those with a rib cage circumference greater than 42 inches. Not recommended if you are claustrophobic or have problems crawling for an extended period.
  • There must be a minimum of 2 guests on the tour. The maximum number of people allowed on a Wild Tour is 8.
  • All guests will be provided with lighted helmets, gloves, kneepads, elbow pads and coveralls free of charge.
  • Cameras are allowed; however, because of the rugged environment, disposable cameras are recommended.
  • Guides provide water; food is not allowed inside the cave.

* We recommend that younger/smaller guests (anyone smaller that an adult size small) bring their own clothes since we have a limited number of coveralls in smaller sizes.

** If you bring your own clothes, you must bring a clean change of clothes up the mountain to put on once the tour is finished. We cannot allow guests to ride the Gondola down in dirty clothes because the seats are carpeted and dirt can be transferred to other guests. Lockers are available.
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We enjoyed the tram and cave tours. This is a unique attraction that is a fun family activity.

– Kim, November 2018

Becca and Kiki were wonderful tour guides. Becca had me laughing and having fun the entire time. Super informative as well. Would 10/10 recommend going on a tour with her. So impressed with how she did the tour. Kiki was super knowledgeable and was able to answer all questions and added her own fun flair! Wonderful time. Will be back for sure!

– Bluesindia, March 2019

Amazing attraction. Our cave guide (Ken) was super knowledgeable and passionate about the cave system. Don the manager gave us some great local advice. Definitely recommend this experience for anyone passing through the Glenwood Springs area.

– Michael, March 2019

We took both cave tours and we were so lucky to have Cole as our guide. He is charming and informative and really made the tours fun. These are some amazing caves! We have been to many caves around the US and these are some of the best!! The tram ride is really fun and the entire experience was a treat!

Alexandria, December, 2017