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Weather Apps: Forewarned by the Phone

Weather apps help avoid unexpected rainouts for your outdoor fun. While we keep a close eye on the weather at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, these apps can help you see what’s in the forecast.

A flood of weather apps can put you in touch with general forecasts, detailed meteorological data, and real-time storm tracking so you never have to suffer an unexpected rainout on your outing. Popular Science , Tom’s Guide, and 21Twelve Interactive published lists of their top choices, with considerable overlap and some highly-specialized products for those who like data minutiae or witty snark with their prognostications.

  • Use weather apps to check climate conditions at the Adventure ParkAccuWeather made all three lists for its accuracy, depth of data, global monitoring, instant reads, radar, and an option for real-time alerts when the wind changes.
  • Dark Sky was a unanimous choice for its accurate prediction of immediate local weather and alerts of approaching storms. NOAA Radar Pro also sends notifications when weather alerts are issued. Emergency: Alerts, developed by the American Red Cross society, also gives real-time forecasts during storms and even shelter information for emergencies.
  • Weather Underground won points for its intuitive interface, information about how long a shower will last, radar maps, and severe weather alerts. You can even input the weather you’d prefer for your excursion and the app will tell you when that’s coming.
  • The Weather Channel provides a large number of video clips along with the text descriptions of current conditions and forecasts.
  • A winter day on the Alpine CoasterFlowx, which focuses on attractive, user-friendly data visualizations, is especially good at showing longer periods of time. Yahoo! Weather also is more aesthetically pleasing. Weather Live uses a photograph to illustrate each type of weather.
  • Carrot Weather is a more basic service but offers sarcastic quips and film quotes to entertain when you check for rain. What the Forecast?!!, a more recent entry, offers similar fun.
  • RadarScope, one of the more expensive apps, gets its radar data from U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s “next-generation radar” (NEXRAD) and Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR) locations that professionals use. It’s especially useful for tracking the paths of storms across the country. WeatherBug also gets data from weather services, satellites, and tracking stations. RainAware tracks the path and time of rain and storms.
  • Hello Weather makes a host of data visible and gives real-time information during storms. 1Weather also provides abundant information, summaries, and customizable radar maps.
  • Air Quality by Plume Labs focuses on current and forecast air quality conditions.

Weather apps will tell you when the rain will go away and when it will come again another day. Plan your outdoor time effectively including your visit Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.

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