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Attractions & Activities

Tours of Glenwood Caverns and the Historic Fairy Caves

Originally discovered in the 1890s and reopened to the public in 1999, the cave remains the park’s top attraction.

  • Historic Fairy Caves Tour — Newly expanded in 2013, this 40-minute guided walking tour takes guests through the discovery and development of the Fairy Caves, with recreated period lighting from when the caves were originally lit in 1897. It includes a stop at Exclamation Point overlooking the Roaring Fork Valley. The rich colors in the ceiling of the Register Room and the pendants, boxwork formations, reflecting pools and stalactites covered in cave popcorn are visible only on this tour.
  • King’s Row Cave Tour — This 40-minute guided walking tour of the lower section of the cave begins in The Barn, a large fiery red chamber, and takes guests down 127 stairs into Iron Mountain on lighted walkways into King’s Row, the most highly decorated cave room in the state. A staged lighting show highlights formations including stalactites, stalagmites, soda straws and cave bacon.

Thrill Rides

Alpine Coaster — America’s first Alpine Coaster features individual cars on tracks that race 3,400 feet through the trees and down the mountainside. The ride is exciting and varied, with bumps and waves to add to the thrill. Unlike an alpine slide, the Alpine Coaster makes hairpin turns and can operate year-round due to its track system. USA Today and Park World Magazine named it one of the 10 Best Roller Coaster Rides of Your Life.

Defiance Roller Coaster — Our newest attraction is a one-of-a-kind Gerstlauer Euro-Flight coaster. Defiance defies convention with a 110-foot record breaking 102.3 degree free-fall drop in the western United States. 

Cliffhanger Roller Coaster — The thrills and excitement of this mountaintop roller coaster are heightened by cliff-side curves and heart-stopping drop-offs. The Cliffhanger Roller Coaster is located above the rest of the Adventure Park at an elevation of 7,160 feet, making it the highest-elevation, full-sized roller coaster in the U.S.

Giant Canyon Swing — For the truly adventurous, the Giant Canyon Swing launches riders out over Glenwood Canyon, 1,300 feet above the Colorado River. Both the ride and the views of the Canyon are breathtaking as riders soar through the air. The swing accommodates up to four riders, so friends can share the adrenaline rush of floating with zero Gs.

Glenwood Canyon Flyer — The Glenwood Canyon Flyer is perched on the edge of Glenwood Canyon, right between the Giant Canyon Swing and the Cliffhanger Roller Coaster. Riders take their seats and go higher and higher as the ride spins them around, until they are flying out over the Colorado River 1,300 feet below.

Zip Ride — Guests board at ground level near the Alpine Coaster and are then carried backwards, 600 feet up the mountain. At the top, they reverse direction for a thrilling zip ride back down to the ground. 

Crystal Tower — The world’s only underground drop ride delivers an intensely exciting freefall 110-feet into Iron Mountain and the Chrystal Grotto.

Family-Friendly Attractions

4D Motion Theater — State-of-the-art entertainment in Colorado’s first 4-dimensional motion theater, with interactive seats and special effects that make the audience feel like a part of the show. Featuring “Happy Family,” “Moon Thunder,” and “Winter Wipeout”.

Gemstone Panning — A geology learning area where guests can pan for gemstones in the running water of the sluice box mining stream. Kids can search for buried treasure in the sand pit fossil dig.

Giddy Up! — This Western-style amusement ride lifts up to seven riders into the air, and then lowers them back down to the ground in a bouncing motion that creates a negative G-force, providing a thrilling ride every time.

Glenwood Gondola — The high-efficiency Glenwood Gondola features 44 detachable cabins and is less susceptible to weather-related issues, more than tripling the capacity of the former tramway. The six-passenger cabins are wheelchair-accessible.

Laser Tag Arena — Guests engage in a new-fangled shoot-out in an Old West setting, using the latest in wireless laser tag technology. This is a popular group activity for birthday parties and team building.

Mine Shaft Shootin’ Gallery — An electronic shooting gallery with animated, Western-themed targets that test each shooter’s skills and concentration.

Mine Wheel — This Ferris-wheel-style ride carries guests around and around, with views of the Adventure Park and the Roaring Fork Valley below.

Speleobox Cave Simulator — The Speleobox contains 300 feet of crawling cave passages that wind up, down and around inside an 8’ x 12’ structure for a fun spelunking adventure. Suitable for kids and adults.

Wild West Express Coaster — This kid-friendly roller coaster offers curves and hills on a train-themed adventure ride.

Winter on the Mountain — from November to February, the mountaintop sparkles with displays of a half million twinkling lights, lighted nighttime winter rides and fire pits to roast s’mores. During the holidays, a giant Christmas tree with a timed music and light show entertain guests in the plaza, with visits from Santa and carolers.

Dining and Shopping

Smokehouse —  Offering a unique outdoor experience.  Right as you enter the Park, the Smokehouse restaurant will pull you in with delicious smells of smoked delights.  The outdoor grill and smoker serves up smoked pulled pork, smoked Sausages and a variety of burgers.

Lookout Grille — Featuring some of the best panoramic views in Colorado, the Lookout Grille offers burgers, salads, sandwiches, a great kids’ menu and more. Menu varies in the winter months. The bar serves wine, beer and cocktails.

Souvenirs — Guests can take home reminders of their visit from the General Store Gift Shop and Prebble’s Pebbles Rock Shop. Photography packages are also available.

Note: Some attractions are seasonal; have age, weight or height restrictions; all guests required to complete liability waivers. Please visit or call 800-530-1635, ext. 0, for more information.

Summer Attractions & Events

Whether you’re marveling at the caverns’ geological wonders, soaring through the sky on one of the park’s gravity-defying rides, or immersing yourself in the festive atmosphere of a summer event, Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park promises an unforgettable experience that blends the thrills of adventure with the wonder of the natural world.


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