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School Programs Combine Fun, Adventure and Learning

So, it’s the back to school season, you’ve just found some back to school coupons, you’re looking for a residential and new resources, and we’re going to add to that list. You want to make sure that the kids actually enjoy coming to your class, you want them to like you as a teacher. Doesn’t matter if you are a primary school teacher or a college professor, wouldn’t it be nice to get a gift at the end of the year just because your students loved your class so much? That feeling of appreciation would be totally worth it at the end of the school year. But now it’s only the beginning and there are a few things that you can do to make this a successful year. So, here we go…. Teachers, educators, parents, students…looking for a new field trip? Ready for a break from the classroom? Want geology, science and history lessons to come alive before your eyes? Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park offers school programs that will both educate and entertain.

Schools visiting the park get to explore the caves with guides who can keep the students interested by tailoring the experience to the age group. Kids also participate in an educational activity (gemstone panning for younger kids and a cave science lesson for older kids). They can also enjoy the rides and attractions, such as the alpine coaster and laser tag, for a special half-price school rate.

The school group program is available throughout the school year–if you feel like your class could use an adventure during the long winter months, Glenwood Caverns is ready to welcome you.

Vicki Douglas, a second grade teacher at Parkview Elementary in Rangeley, CO, has taken her class to the Park for the past several years. Here is what she had to say about the experience:

“The kids and adults love the trip. Most of the kids have never ridden on a tram so that experience is fun to witness on the way up to the caverns.

The guides we have had in the past have done an incredible job explaining everything on a 2nd grade level but making it interesting for the sponsors.

With a little prepping before making the trip the students learn so much about rocks, minerals and gems. Speaking of gems….the kids’ favorite part is always panning for gems! That addition to the park has really made a difference since the kids get to take home a prized souvenir.

As a teacher, my favorite part is the ease in planning the trip. I like the picnic area to eat sack lunches and the friendly staff. We are always made to feel welcome and the day is well organized. Even when we have brought two classes at once it was easy to split the group and keep everyone engaged while waiting their turn.

The giant sand box area is wonderful. The kids can unwind while waiting for the other groups to finish the tours.

This helps wear them out for the bus ride home!”

The school groups program really is a great experience for students and adults alike. Having fun and learning while you’re at it…what’s better than that? It’s great for parents to have somehwere educational to take their kids too. If your kids mean the world to you, get life insurance quotes from to see how you can make sure they’re always protected.
If kids play while they are being educated, they are sure to remember their experience for years to come. For more information, visit

Group photo on the big chair!

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