Seasonal Attractions: What’s Open & When

We have a crowd-pleasing assortment of rides at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. Our high elevation thrill rides are among the most heart-pounding anywhere. Along with our spectacular cave tours and fun family attractions, rides including the Alpine Coaster and Giant Canyon Swing are perennial visitor favorites. To perfectly plan your Adventure Park visit we’ve created this seasonal guide to understanding which rides, attractions and cave tours are open every season of the year.


All rides are open!

  • The Alpine Coaster
  • Defiance Roller Coaster  
  • Giant Canyon Swing 
  • Canyon Flyer 
  • Cliffhanger Roller Coaster 
  • Soaring Eagle Zip Ride 
  • Wild West Express 
  • Mine Wheel 
  • Giddy Up 
  • Fossil Dig Sand Box 
  • Halvor Flowstone
  • Chantico – NEW TROLL!
  • Gemstone Panning/Sluice 
  • 4D Theater and Laser Tag 
  • King’s Row Cave Tour and Historic Fairy Caves Tour available.

Highlight Season Special Event: Music on the Mountain, Friday Afternoon Club


All rides are open!

  • Ride opening and closing schedule changes apply.

Highlight Seasonal Special  Event: Octoberfest , After Dark in the Park



  • Alpine Coaster
  • Giant Canyon Swing (weather dependent and only if 40°F or warmer)
  • Soaring Eagle Zip Ride
  • Laser Tag and 4D Theater
  • Halvor Flowstone
  • King’s Row Cave Tour, Historic Fairy Caves Tour
Get ready for Defiance, Glenwood Caverns' newest roller coaster

Now OPEN! Defiance Coaster

This one-of-a-kind roller coaster is an action-packed, 56-second rocky mountain adventure like no other.


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Seasonal Attractions

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