Crystal Tower

Open Summer

48" Min Height

Funday Pass

Best. Drop. Ever.
(No, really it is.)

Discover a hidden subterranean world inside the caves of Iron Mountain! Join famous adventurer Crystal and her inventive brother Raymond on their passage to mystical Karstonia — and the fantastical Crystal Grotto. Home to a cave-protecting troll named Halvor Flowstone, this colorful landscape — located deep within Iron Mountain — is seen only by travelers who can cross through the magic portal rapidly. Ready to make the journey? It’s an intensely exciting freefall into the mountain aboard the descender vehicle, which slows to a gentle stop as it clears the threshold of the charmed Crystal Grotto below.

Fun Facts:

  • The Crystal Tower drop goes 110-feet into Iron Mountain
  • Riders experience negative 2.5 Gs during descent
  •  Total ride time is 1:25
  • Crystal Tower is the world’s only underground drop ride

Rider Requirements:

  • 48” tall to ride
  • Max weight 300 lbs. per rider
  • Rider must have the ability to sit upright and maintain control of their upper torso, head and neck

Important Note:

Occasionally rides are closed due to maintenance or weather. Check our rides and attractions status to see that your favorite rides are open. Also, for the best value, we recommend purchasing the Funday Pass online, which includes gondola rides, cave tours and unlimited turns on all the rides and attractions!

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