Glenwood Caverns’ Alpine Coaster Gets a New Look

New green sleds are coming to Glenwood Caverns

Coinciding with the park’s 25 anniversary, the Alpine Coaster, Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park’s first thrill ride is getting a shiny new makeover this spring.

Welcoming the Green Machines

Unpacking day for new green Alpine Coaster sledsAmerica’s only mountaintop theme park is switching things up this spring with an upgrade to its most popular ride, the Alpine Coaster. While the coaster route will remain the same, the ride’s look will be sleeker, more modern, and visually exciting. Instead of yellow sleds, the Alpine Coaster visitors will race down the track on bright green ones fitted with state-of-the-industry harnesses.

Everyone is excited about the new upgrade including General Manager Nancy Heard, “America’s first Alpine Coaster is getting a make-over! I’m looking forward to showing off our shiny new fleet of new coaster sleds. I just love that “new car smell!”

alpine coasterThe Park will pay tribute to the old Alpine Coaster sleds and all the fun and smiles they have brought to Adventure Park visitors over the years. Look for the yellow sleds to make a special appearance at the Strawberry Days Festival held annually in June. The retired sleds will feature prominently alongside the Glenwood Caverns float as part of the Strawberry Days Parade held in June. The now “vintage” yellow sleds will also be part of the Caverns’ Strawberry Days booth at Two Rivers Park where visitors can climb aboard for a fun photo opp.

The installation of the new Alpine Coaster sleds is expected to be completed before the end of April, and the ride will be closed for the duration. A ribbon cutting, complete with local dignitaries and media will officially usher in a new era for the Alpine Coaster.

Beyond the Coaster

The Giant Canyon Swing at Glenwood Caverns Adventure ParkCome Friday, May 3, all the Park’s rides will be fully operational as summer season gets underway. In addition to the Alpine Coaster, other thrill rides that rate high on the list of visitor favorites include the new Defiance Coaster with plummeting drops, rolls, and tight turns and the Giant Canyon Swing, an over-the-edge hydraulic pendulum ride that gives visitors straight down views of Glenwood Canyon 1400-feet below, but only if they dare to open their eyes. Other rides that will be open starting in early May include the Cliffhanger Roller Coaster, the Canyon Flyer, the Crystal Tower Ride, and the Zip Ride.

The Evolution of the Alpine Coaster

The Alpine Coaster opened in 2005, offering visitors a thrilling experience amidst the stunning scenery of Glenwood Springs. It was the first alpine coaster in the United States, modeled after similar rides found in the European Alps.

Made by Wiegand and imported from Germany, the toboggan-style ride features a track that winds down Iron Mountain through the natural landscape offering riders twists and turns on the descent for an adrenaline-pumping experience. What makes the Alpine Coaster stand-out is that it allows riders to control their speed, giving them the option to enjoy a leisurely ride or to pick up the pace for a more intense thrill. As riders gain experience, they become more confident in their “driving” skills and tend to let the throttle out for a ride that sends them flying down the mountain. Another fun feature of the Alpine Coaster is the gentle tow back up the mountain to the starting point where visitors can do it all over again if they choose.

Transforming the Heart of the Park

While the shiny, new Alpine Coaster sleds are stealing the spotlight, there’s another though less glamorous upgrade that will debut this summer and will also have a significant impact on the visitor experience. The Main Plaza, the Park’s central gathering space, is also slated to receive a makeover. The current gravel surface will soon be replaced with eco-friendly crushed asphalt. The material will provide a smooth, cohesive look that beautifies the area and adds functionality by eliminating dust kicked up by windy conditions and preventing mud after snowmelt and seasonal rainstorms.

Celebrating 25 Years

These new upgrades are just the beginning of a smile-inducing season of fun and adventure at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. 2024 marks a quarter-century for the mountaintop theme park that opened in 1999. To commemorate the occasion, the Adventure Park has a full schedule of events and activities planned that spans the summer.

Get on board now and make plans to ride the Alpine Coaster and other thrill rides at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park this season. Adventure Park tickets are available to purchase online today!