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Hold on to your lederhosen; It’s Octoberfest at Glenwood Caverns

Get ready for a taste of Bavaria in the heart of Glenwood Springs. Octoberfest festivities kick off at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park on three consecutive Saturdays — Sept. 30, Oct. 7 and Oct. 14.

This fall, the Adventure Park embraces all things Bavarian, so grab your lederhosen, lace up your dirndls and get ready for the sights, sounds and flavors of Octoberfest in Glenwood Springs. Join us on Saturday, Sept. 30, Oct. 7 and Oct. 14, as we kick off the festivities starting at 11 a.m. Here’s a sneak peek into what you can expect:

Delicious Bavarian Delights

Octoberfest food is known for hearty flavors that evoke the essence of Bavarian cuisine.

  • Get ready for the Octoberfest stein holding contestGiant pretzels with beer cheese. These warm, soft and oversized pretzels will transport you straight to Munich. Dip them in mustard for the ultimate flavor explosion.
  • Potato pancakes with chive sour cream. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, these potato pancakes are a Bavarian classic. Chive sour cream is an authentic topper to this traditional dish.
  • German sausage sandwich with sauerkraut and fries. Flavors direct from Germany, this hearty sandwich is a combination of juicy sausage and tangy sauerkraut.
  • Pretzel bun burger with caramelized onions and beer cheese. Upgrade your burger game with a pretzel bun.
  • German meatballs with whole-grain mustard. These savory meatballs served with whole-grain mustard are a crowd-pleaser. They’re perfect for sharing or enjoying all by yourself!
  • Cream Puffs. Treat your sweet tooth to these creamy pastries. They’re the perfect way to end your Bavarian feast on a sweet note.
  • Pumpkin fudge and fudge-covered apples. Dip into the flavors of fall with these decadent treats.

Prost! Thirst-Quenching Options

Eins, zwei, drei g’suffa! Drink up! There’s a delicious beverage waiting for you at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.

  • Octoberfest at Glenwood Caverns Beer tent and limited-edition Octoberfest mugs. Sip on tasty Teutonic brews in our dedicated beer tent. Fill a 25 oz. commemorative Octoberfest mug to remember your visit. The second one is just $10.
  • Spiked cider for grownups. Warm up with a cup of spiked cider, perfect for the crisp fall weather.
  • Festive fall-themed nonalcoholic beverages. Not a fan of alcohol? The Adventure Park also offers a range of nonalcoholic beverages that capture the spirit of the season.

Polka Party & More

The Adventure Park’s Octoberfest activities are something to cheer about, whether you want to twirl around the dance floor or engage in some friendly German-style competition!

  • Octoberfest in Glenwood Springs Alpine Echo Band. Dance to traditional oompah music performed by the Alpine Echo Band. This local German band will keep you on your feet throughout the festivities, with everything from beer-drinking ballads to classic waltzes.
  • Axe throwing. Take the opportunity to test your aim and precision in this age-old competition.
  • Keg bowling. Put your skills to the test in a game of keg bowling.
  • Stein-holding competition. This strong-arm competition is harder than it looks.

Adventure Park Octoberfest is Family-Friendly

Bring the whole family along for a day of fall-themed fun at Glenwood’s mountaintop theme park.

  • Family-friendly activities at OctoberfestPumpkin tic-tac-toe. Enjoy a fall-themed twist on a classic game with pumpkin tic-tac-toe.
  • Pick-your-pumpkin. For just $7, get ready for some creative carving.
  • Face painting. Let your little ones choose their favorite design.
  • Caricature artist. Capture the memories with a personalized caricature – a unique keepsake from your Octoberfest adventure.

Octoberfest at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park lasts just three weekends. To ensure you don’t miss the festivities, head to the mountaintop theme park in Glenwood Springs for the best Bavarian fun in Colorado.