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Gondola Giving: A LiftUp To Those In Need

Generosity is at the heart of the holiday season. Gondola Giving takes fun and altruism to new heights at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park!

In the heart of the Roaring Fork and Colorado River valleys, Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park stands as a beacon of both family entertainment and community-minded philanthropy.

With its mission to make people smile, the mountaintop theme park offers a whirlwind of holiday activities including thrill rides, twinkling lights, Winter on the Mountain festivities and the chance to visit Santa too.

Another way the Adventure Park is making people smile is through Gondola Giving. The campaign is an annual collaboration with LIFT-UP to help meet the needs of area residents during the holiday season and beyond. LIFT-UP operates 6 fixed food pantries and 9 mobile drive-thru food distributions from Parachute to Aspen.

LIFT-UP has been bridging the hunger gap in the Roaring Fork Valley since 1982 with an unwavering mission to provide sustenance to those experiencing food insecurity in our community.

  • In Colorado, one in ten adults and one in six children face food insecurity.
  • One in three Coloradans lack reliable access to nutritious food.
  • Two in Five adults cut back or skip meals to ensure that their children can eat.

In just the first 9 months of this year, the need in our community has nearly doubled. Since January, LIFT-UP has provided food for over 32,000 unique guests and over 90,000 visits.

As you might expect, LIFT-UP’s pantries are stocked with long-shelf-life items, but the nonprofit is growing in some unexpected ways as well. In addition to staple items, LiftUp’s Farm 2 Food Pantry program is connecting those in need to fresh, nutrient-dense food, much of which is grown right here on the Western Slope by local farmers. The harvest of such programs is indeed abundant. In addition to offering nourishment, the program also empowers regional farming and ranching communities.

Similarly, LIFT-UP’s partnership with Glenwood Caverns helps keep plates and bellies full throughout the holidays and beyond. Gondola Giving kicks off November 10, coinciding with the start of Winter on the Mountain. For the Caverns, the much-anticipated event is an opportunity to give back to neighbors in our communities. It’s also a chance to make even more people smile. Generosity, after all, brings joy — not only for those who benefit but especially for those who contribute to the well-being of another.

During Gondola Giving, both residents and park visitors are encouraged to contribute a $25 City Market or Natural Grocers gift card, which they can drop off at the Adventure Park’s base ticket admissions office during operating hours. In return, donors will receive four tickets valued at $120, granting them four Scenic Gondola Rides and the mountaintop park access for holiday entertainment and more. Glenwood Gondola tickets can be redeemed any time during Winter on the Mountain and after, through February 2024. Last year Glenwood Caverns collected an impressive 714 gift cards from community members, totaling a remarkable $17,850 in donations for LIFT-UP!

Join us for Gondola Giving this holiday season and help spread abundance and smiles throughout our local communities.