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Gondola Giving: A Lift Up to Those in Need

UPDATE: Gondola Giving ended for 2022 on December 31, 2022. We cannot thank our guests enough! Together we collected 714 gift cards totaling $17,850 raised for Lift Up. 

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park’s mission is to make people smile. From mountaintop thrill rides and the bright holiday lights of Winter on the Mountain to weekly live music and visits with Santa, the Adventure Park is all about having fun especially during the holiday season. But smiles are hard to come by when individuals and families don’t have enough to eat or are anxious about the reliability of their next meal. Unfortunately, that’s a reality for too many people living in the Roaring Fork and Colorado River valleys where the high cost of living takes a toll on residents. The Adventure Park’s Gondola Giving campaign which kicks off this month is a joint effort with LiftUp, the local food pantry, to offer healthy, nutritious and satisfying meals that put a serving of joy back on the table for recipients especially during the holiday season.

A partner with the Adventure Park, LiftUp is the region's food pantryBridging the hunger gap since 1982, LiftUp’s mission is to provide equitable food security to all individuals and families who are struggling with food insecurity from Parachute to Aspen. “Donations from our community help keep our Pantries of Choice and Mobile Distributions supplied with food that our guests may be struggling to afford on their own,” LiftUp’s food distribution manager, Joshua Stover said.  “These donations are a great resource for us to continue to provide families with the same products they might purchase at the local store.”

Together, Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park and LiftUp are making a positive impact toward the goal of reducing and ultimately ending hunger in our area. According to Stover, “Combining the missions of our organizations truly does create a special feeling of joy and empowerment in our community. Helping others is a positive experience for everyone and knowing that there are organizations that make it their mission to create this experience truly creates a stronger connection to our community.”

Give & Receive with Gondola Giving

Gondola Giving begins Nov. 19With the twofold aim of increasing awareness of food insecurity and collecting donations, the Adventure Park’s Gondola Giving campaign begins Nov. 19 which coincides with the kick-off of Winter on the Mountain. During Gondola Giving, area residents and park visitors are encouraged to donate a $25 City Market gift cards which they can drop off at the Adventure Park’s base admissions office. In exchange, donors will receive four tickets valued at $100 to ride the gondola to the mountaintop theme park. The tickets can be redeemed anytime during Winter on the Mountain which runs through February 2023. Last year Glenwood Caverns collected 273 gift cards, adding up to $6,835 in donations for LiftUp!

“Glenwood Caverns partnership with Lift-Up has provided an amazing way to raise awareness of the need in our valley, while providing the community with a great opportunity to help fight food insecurity and have fun at the same time,” Stover said.

Make a difference this holiday season by donating to LiftUp through Gondola Giving. Visit Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park to learn more.


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FREE Gondola – Enjoy the views during June 2024!