Coming Summer 2017: The Haunted Mine Drop

We have exciting news! Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, will introduce its newest attraction this summer, the Haunted Mine Drop. It will be the first drop ride in the world to go underground, dropping riders 110-120 feet down inside Iron Mountain, and it’s attracting national attention before it’s even open.

USA Today included the Haunted Mine Drop in its list of the 12 Most Anticipated Thrill Rides of 2017, alongside attractions from Disney, Universal Studios and SeaWorld. Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is the only park in Colorado and the only family-owned park on the list. You can see what owner Steve Beckley has to say about the ride in this story and interview from the Post Independent, as well as general manager Nancy Heard having some fun with reporter Kevin Torres on this Unique 2 Colorado story.

As usual with this community-minded, family-owned business, all of the contractors involved in the onsite construction are from Colorado. The park is working with two out-of-state industry experts to theme and build the attraction.

The ride is being constructed by Stan Checketts in Logan, Utah. Checketts built the park’s Giant Canyon Swing and Soaring Eagle Zip Ride. He also constructed the Stratosphere Tower Big Shot in Las Vegas and has thrill rides located across the globe.

Mark McDonough and his team at St. Louis-based Creative Visions are theming the attraction, which will include Pepper’s ghosts, an illusion technique invented by Professor John Henry Pepper and English engineer Henry Dircks in the 1800s. Creative Visions has developed characters for theme parks, museums, zoos, aquariums, haunted attractions and amusement centers around the world. The company’s client list includes Universal Studios Theme Parks, SeaWorld, Knott’s Berry Farm, MGM Grand Adventure, Six Flags and David Copperfield.

The building housing the ride will be themed to look like an old mine building and will be located on top of Iron Mountain at an elevation of 7,000 feet. Guests enjoy a scenic gondola ride to reach the Adventure Park.

Ready to give it a try this summer? As you walk inside the enclosed queue, you’ll feel like you’re entering a mine with narrative and characters that introduce the story line. Upon entering the ride, you’ll be seated, strapped in and entertained as ghostly miners appear and tell tales of a mining tragedy from long ago. You won’t realize that the floor has slid out from underneath you until you drop deep inside the mine shaft. More ghosts will appear at the bottom to continue the tale, and then the ride returns you to the main level for exit.

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