An Unforgettable Location For Weddings, Reunions, Retreats

Many people don’t realize they can celebrate their special occasions at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. The mountaintop venue is perfect for events of all kinds including weddings, retreats and family reunions.

Called “special occasions” for a reason, they range from once-in-a-lifetime celebrations like a wedding ceremony to annual gatherings such as company parties and corporate retreats. Whatever the cause for getting together, location sets the tone for your event. For a fun, interactive location that’s casual, vibrant and 100 percent Colorado, Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is the place to celebrate your next big event.

Weddings. Getting married at a theme park might not be the first place that comes to mind as the location for your nuptials, but it’s one you should consider especially if a fun atmosphere, a unique setting and memorable details are important to you. Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park has all three. To exchange vows, the Viewing Deck and Lookout Grille both offer breath-taking views with a stunning backdrop of the Roaring Fork Valley and Mt. Sopris. For smaller weddings, couples can also tie the knot inside the caves. The mountaintop restaurant provides catered dining options and a full bar—everything you need for a great party. When it comes to capturing the moment for eternity, there’s no shortage of amazing backdrops for extraordinary, unique wedding photos. Take pictures all around the beautifully landscaped park, amid cave formations on King’s Row or even on rides like the Canyon Flyer or Giant Canyon Swing!
Learn more about wedding venues and reception packages at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.

Retreats & Company Parties. Get the job done and have fun at the same time. Encourage every member of your team to bring their A-game with a company retreat or party at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. Getting away from the ordinary day-to-day interactions allows people to interact differently with each other. A theme park retreat can be an effective way to encourage team building among employees. Chances are they’ll see a whole new side of their workmates. Annual company parties at the Park, whether at the holidays or other time of year, also offer a unique way to thank and recognize employees for a job well done.

Learn more about Glenwood Caverns’ business packages and all the options available for corporate gatherings.

Reunions. Celebrate multiple generations of family at a venue that has something for every member—from school-aged youngsters and hard-to-please teens to senior citizens. Get together for a delicious, casual meal at the Lookout Grille and spend the day exploring the Park. You’ll make memories to cherish for a lifetime. The Park’s family attractions are fun for all, thrill rides are a screaming good time and cave tours can accommodate the whole group for an experience that’s entertaining and educational for one and all. As a memento, we can even snap professional souvenir photos of your group for you.

Learn more about Friends & Family packages available at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.

An unforgettable venue for your next big event, celebrate the occasion at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.

Winter at the Adventure Park: What Not to Miss

A winter day on the Alpine Coaster
A winter day on the Alpine Coaster

While many Colorado theme parks shut down for the winter months, Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park remains open all winter long with seasonal rides, cave tours, dining and entertainment.

Open year-round

Elitch Gardens, the amusement park in Denver may have wrapped up its season, but Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Glenwood Springs keeps the fun going strong all winter long with Winter on the Mountain, a wonder-filled season at the mountaintop theme park.

With plenty of chilly, but sunshine filled days ahead, visiting the Adventure Park in the off season has its perks. Visitors can look forward to fewer crowds and reduced off-season pricing, all while still enjoying many of the Park’s highlights including award-winning thrill rides, fun family attractions, two spectacular cave tours, dining with a view and live music entertainment.

What Not to Miss

Yuletide Splendor

Winter on the mountain is an ongoing celebration that shines bright on winter’s darkest nights with a dazzling display of more than a half million lights which can even be seen from Glenwood Springs. A giant Christmas tree with lights choreographed to holiday songs is a focal point in the plaza, where there are also fire pits for warming up and for roasting s’mores (purchase your s’mores kits from the General Store). And, throughout the time leading up to Christmas, Santa will be making regular stops to pose for photos with youngsters.

Fun & Games

Glenwood Caverns’ rides and attractions have season-spanning appeal and a knack for making kids of all ages smile from ear to ear. The Alpine Coaster, which features twinkly fairy lights after dark, provides a more controlled downward descent with a magical and relaxing tow back to the top. Winter guests can also shoot it out in the laser tag arena and watch one of four animated shows in the 4D motion theater.

With your Winter Funday ticket you have unlimited rides on the Alpine Coaster

Cave Tours

Cave tours are especially delightful in winter where the caverns’ temperature is a steady 52 degrees year round, which can seem downright cozy when the mercury dips into the single digits. Choose either the Historic Fairy Caves Tour or the King’s Row Tour; both are about 40 minutes long. In addition to viewing and learning about formations like stalactites, stalagmites, cave bacon, popcorn, flowstone, soda straws and more, like the rest of the Adventure Park the caves too are decked out for the holidays with festive lighting appropriate to the season.

Dining & Entertainment

The Lookout Grille is a picture-perfect setting for lunch or dinner. Along with a casual meal enjoy spectacular views of Glenwood Springs below, the Roaring Fork Valley to the south and the Colorado River Valley to the west. On Friday nights, from 5 to 8:30 p.m., don’t miss Friday Afternoon Club (FAC) with live music featuring talented local bands and food and drink specials. Gondola rides are free after 4 p.m. with a coupon that appears in the Post Independent each Friday. Each coupon is valid for up to four people.

Adventure Park Winter Hours

Winter on the Mountain at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park hours are as follows: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday through Feb. 29, 2020. The park is closed Monday through Thursday. During the holidays, it will be open daily Nov. 15 to Dec. 1, except for Thanksgiving Day, and Dec. 20 to Jan. 5, except for Christmas Day.

Don’t miss out on a mountain-full of adventure this winter! Plan to visit Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park today.

Schedule Your Company Holiday Party Today

Pick a date for your company holiday party and make plans to celebrate the season with colleagues at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.

Let the Glenwood Gondola sweep you and your colleagues away from the day-to-day activities of the workplace. Decked out for winter with over half a million fairy lights illuminating the night sky, for groups of 15 or more people, Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is an unforgettable and festive location for your upcoming company holiday party.

Holiday Cheer All Around

Seasonal decorations make for a cheerful setting and a jolly backdrop for candid company photo ops. Adding to the joyful outdoor atmosphere is the Adventure Park’s musical Christmas tree with lights choreographed to favorite holiday tunes. In the main plaza, fire pits surrounded by chairs are perfect for warming up, socializing and roasting s’mores—all setting the stage for a memorable, convivial evening of off-the-clock revelry.

A Company Holiday Party with Fun Things to Do

You can customize your Adventure Park party with as many extras as you like. Options are as easy as one, two three. (1)Provide the basics with a Glenwood Gondola ride to the mountaintop party, (2) include a gondola and cave tours package for your employees, or (3) give them the works with a full-blown Winter Funday Pass that includes the gondola, seasonal rides and attractions and cave tours.

Delicious Food & Drinks

The main event of your company holiday party will take place in the cozy environs of the Lookout Grille. When it comes to meals, the Adventure Park provides a menu of crowd pleasing choices. Main course dinner selections include either pork tenderloin, honey roasted chicken, baked cod, Chilean salmon, braised slow roasted tri-tip or beef tenderloin. All entrees come with dinner rolls and a side of green beans and garlic mashed potatoes with gravy. For a little more, you can also opt for premium side dishes like our savory vegetable root medley or creamy scalloped potatoes, as well as add on a dessert for a delicious finish to your group’s holiday meal. Whatever you chose, we make the math easy by including gratuities in the price. The Adventure Park is also home to a full-service bar offering beer, wine, premium cocktails and specialty drinks.

Holiday Party Planning Made Easy

If you’re in charge of planning this year’s company holiday party, make it easy on yourself and fun for everyone on the job with a special event celebration at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. The most efficient way to plan your upcoming holiday party is to work directly with our event planning expert Christine Goodale. The holidays are fast approaching and we’re booking up fast. Contact Christine at 970-930-6066 or email her to reserve your desired company party dates today!

Sustainability on the Menu

Eco-friendly products including straws, flatware, cups and plates help reduce the company’s impact on the environment, adding to sustainability practices already in place.  

Protecting and preserving the environment was a top priority for Steve and Jeanne Beckley before they reopened Glenwood Caverns and the Historic Fairy Caves to the public in 1999. It remains so today at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, which is evident from the increase in sustainability practices at the mountaintop Lookout Grille this year.

Eco-friendly Products & Practices

The onsite restaurant is now using eco-friendly forks, spoons, straws, plates for banquet meals, packaging for grab-and-go items like yogurt parfaits, pretzels or veggies with hummus and to-go boxes from Eco Brand, which is based in Boulder, Colorado.

This mindset is spreading. Lookout Grille kitchen manager Aaron Shockley recently noticed how much compost material was accumulating and decided to do something about it. The food compost is now being donated to Big Rock Ranch where it is put to good use feeding chickens.


Green Values from the Get-Go

“We have worked diligently over the years to protect the cave. From the start, we installed the airtight doors in the tunnel to King’s Row to maintain the original levels of temperature and humidity so that the cave didn’t dry out,” Jeanne Beckley, who co-owns both companies, said. “There have been computer monitors in the cave since we opened to ensure we sustained these levels, protecting the cave as well as the environment for the unique species that live inside of it.”

A few years ago, the Adventure Park replaced all of the lights inside the cave with LED lights to reduce its electricity consumption and the heat generated by the incandescent lights, which helps protect the humidity levels and the cave’s tiny creatures. Since the LED bulbs don’t have to be replaced as often, employees have less direct contact with cave formations as well.

“It seems only fitting that we now focus on reducing our use of plastic and move toward more paper and compostable products in the restaurant. Also, we hope our guests notice and are motivated to make some changes of their own,” Beckley added. “These changes fit our value system. We care deeply about the environment and will continue to look for ways to reduce our impact.”

Learn more about Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park and plan a visit today!

Theme Park Gear: What to Bring to the Adventure Park

Just as there’s an art to packing for a week-long vacation, packing the right gear for a day at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park can greatly enhance your experience at America’s only mountaintop theme park.

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is unique among theme parks. First off, the Adventure Park is located on top of a mountain at an elevation of 7,100 feet above sea level. To get to the entrance, you climb aboard a Glenwood Gondola cabin which whisks you from the valley floor to the mountaintop where there are thrill rides, family attractions, a restaurant, snack huts, general store, entertainment and more depending on the season and time of day. As the name implies, the Adventure Park is also home to Glenwood Caverns and offers two spectacular cave tours.

Understanding what to expect is key to packing the right gear for a top-notch day of fun at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. Read on or check out our video that gives a rundown of what to bring.

Gear Guide: Come Prepared, Have More Fun

Comfortable shoes.  Be prepared to do a fair bit of walking at the Adventure Park by wearing comfortable footwear. Also, skip the flip flops if possible. Instead opt for sandals with secure straps that will stay on while you ride the Glenwood Canyon Flyer, the Flying Eagle Zip Ride and the Giant Canyon Swing. Sun protection. Be sun smart. Wear protective clothing including a brimmed hat and sunglasses. You can store these items in the provided cubbies while you ride the rides. Also, be sure to lather up regularly with sunscreen that’s at least 30 SPF. If you forget yours, our complimentary sunscreen is available at the Guest Services gazebo in the plaza.

Hydration. It’s a good idea to have a water bottle handy to sip throughout the day. Bring one from home or purchase one of our refillable water bottles. Free ice water as well cold drinks are available all day long at the Lookout Grille and the Snack Shack.

Cool off. Though lines for rides tend to move quickly, having a battery-operated hand-held fan can take the edge off on a hot summer day. Another way to beat the heat is to take a break under the misters located outside of the 4-D theater and the Alpine Coaster. Afternoons are also a perfect time to go underground with one or both of our cave tours. The caverns stay a cool 52°F year-round and provide a refreshing respite from summertime temperatures.

A light jacket. The weather in the Colorado mountains is predictably unpredictable. Normal summertime temps range from the mid-70s to the upper 90s. Because you never know when a cold front or thunderstorm might blow through, it’s best to be prepared. If you’re prone to getting chills, a light jacket is also nice to have along on cave tours.

Hand sanitizer. Keep your crew healthy with a periodic squirt of hand sanitizer or use wet wipes as needed throughout the day.

Quarters. If you want to stash your stuff while you go on a cave tour or would rather not carry it around with you all day, coin-operated lockers are scattered throughout the Park. Lockers are just 50 cents.

Having the right gear will set you and your family up for a great day at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. Now get packing and we’ll see you on the mountaintop!

Pro Tips for Navigating Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

Happy faces at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park
Happy faces at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

You wouldn’t visit the Magic Kingdom without a having plan; similarly, for a 5-star experience, use these strategies for navigating Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park during the peak summer season.

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is a top activity choice for visitors to Glenwood Springs, Colorado. It rates right up there with soaking in hot springs, rafting in Glenwood Canyon and hiking to Hanging Lake, all of which reach the pinnacle of visitation during the summer months when kids and families take time off to travel. Having a strategy for navigating our theme park will help ensure a satisfying experience.

Our Best Insider Advice for Navigating the Park

Purchase tickets in advance.  Buying tickets ahead of time is convenient and you’ll spend less time waiting in the line to take the Glenwood Gondola to the mountaintop theme park. You can also save 5 percent using promo code BUYONLIN5P.

The best value. Our Funday Pass hands-down offers the biggest bang for your buck. It includes everything—the Glenwood Gondola, unlimited turns on rides and attractions and both cave tours.

Know height requirements. All of the thrill rides require riders to be a minimum height  to ensure safety and we’re sticklers about it. Family attractions also have restrictions. We’d rather see you back next year when your child easily meets the height requirement than have to tell you sorry after you’ve stood in line on a hot day.

Check for ride closures. For a variety of reasons, we sometimes we have to close rides. Sometimes it’s a short delay, perhaps due to a thunderstorm passing through. In the event it’s a longer closure we let guests know by posting it to the website under Park Info>Rides & Attractions Status. If you’ve been dreaming about riding the Alpine Coaster, rather than be disappointed that it’s closed, we recommend checking the status page before arriving.

Dress code. Wear comfortable clothing and non-flip-flop shoes; bring a light jacket for cave tours and a hat and sunglasses for sun protection.

Visit early or late. To avoid the crowds, come when the park opens at 9 a.m. and head straight for the rides you most want to enjoy. The Park stays open until 9 p.m., seven days per week, until August 11 when we will start closing at 6 p.m. on weekdays. Until then, evenings after 5 p.m. are another great way to miss the midday traffic.

Eat early or late. Avoid the lunch rush hour at the Lookout Grille by eating before 11:30 a.m. or after 1:30 p.m.  Alternatively, enjoy a lighter meal outside at Snack Shack.

Beat the heat. The sun’s rays are strongest in the afternoon. Cool off with midday cave tours.  On a hot summer day, the caverns internal temperature is a refreshing 52°F. Other ways to beat the heat include attending a 4-D Theater show which takes place every 15 minutes. The misters will cool you off outside while the air-conditioned interior of the theater will keep you comfortable inside.

Use our free stuff. Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is located at an elevation of 7,100 feet. At higher elevations like ours the chances of getting sunburned or dehydrated increase. Complimentary sunscreen is available at the guest services shack in the plaza, and there is free ice water available at the Lookout Grille. We encourage you to use both as often as necessary.

Rain, rain, go away. Afternoon thundershowers are a regular part of summers in the high country. The good news is they roll through quickly. Many people choose to leave when it starts raining, but we advise sticking it out as the storms tend to pass quickly.

Leave it outside. Caring for our caves is another top priority at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. Contact with the outside air, detritus, food, drinks, bumping or dropping things inside the caves can create irreparable damage. That’s why we ask you to leave your backpacks, handbags, snacks, water bottles, toys, strollers, etc. outside the cave entrance. If you’re not comfortable with that, we offer lockers where you can store your belongings.

Now that you have a handle on navigating Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, make plans to visit today.

A Season for Celebrating: Octoberfest at Glenwood Caverns

Enjoy a fall ride aboard the Glenwood Gondola
Enjoy a fall ride aboard the Glenwood Gondola

All month long at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, we’ll be honoring fall traditions with Octoberfest, then on Oct. 28., we’ll wrap up the season with a final farewell party to retire the current Iron Mountain Tramway.

Fall is a season of celebration and change—none more so than this year at America’s only mountaintop theme park. Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park’s Octoberfest celebrations run throughout the month of October and this year, they culminate with a final farewell party for the Iron Mountain Tramway.

We’ll be sad to see this stalwart workhorse go. For over 15 years it has transported more than two million visitors from the valley floor to the park entrance at the top of Iron Mountain. At the same time, we’re excited for its replacement: a new, high-capacity tramway that will enable us to transport passengers more efficiently, reducing wait times at the base and mountaintop.  On Sat., Oct. 28, we will celebrate its retirement with a community goodbye party.

Until then, join us for beautiful fall days, jaw-dropping autumn views, harvest activities, music and, of course, our signature rides and attractions. Here’s what to expect at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in October:

Fall is a beautiful time of year to visit Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park
  • Fall-themed activities. From Oct. 1 through 28, daily fun includes a pumpkin patch, fall photo opportunities and Octoberfest food and drink specials. On Saturdays from noon to 6 p.m. enjoy hayrides, games for kids, face painting, scavenger hunts and pumpkin decorating.
  • German fare. The Lookout Grille will be serving all your Old Country favorites including bratwursts, sauerkraut, pretzels and seasonal beers. The Bloody Mary Bar will also be open and stocked with dozens of garnishes to create a drink that’s perfect for you. For more fall flavors, try the homemade pumpkin fudge and fudge-covered apples available at the General Store.
  • Music & dancing. On Saturday, 13 and Oct. 20, from noon to 4 p.m., Alpine Echo, Glenwood’s local oompah band, will entertain guests in the plaza with traditional German music. Get ready to polka, waltz and even chicken dance.
  • Scary rides. There’s no better month for a screaming good time than October. Halloween-themed decorations lead guests on the trails to the ride, while spooky music sets the tone for a ghostly, one-of-a-kind experience for those who dare to drop.
  • Leaf peeping. In addition to colorful maple trees and flowers in the plaza, the park features several vantage points with panoramic views of the changing colors in Glenwood Canyon and the Roaring Fork Valley. The tram, the Lookout Grille, the Mine Wheel and viewing decks at the Giant Canyon Swing and above the restaurant are some of the best places for leaf peeping and photos.
  • Goodbye tram party. The last day of Octoberfest also marks the final day for the current Iron Mountain Tramway, which will be replaced over the winter months. All are welcome to join the farewell celebration which will feature $10 tram tickets—throwback prices from 2003 when the tram opened. There will also be free cake, prize drawings and photo opportunities.

Make plans to attend Octoberfest—Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park’s month-long party—and help us send off the Iron Mountain Tramway in style on Oct. 28. See you on the mountaintop!

Host Your A Fab Fall Event at Glenwood Caverns

Fall is a beautiful time of year to visit Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

Mark your milestone special occasion—retirement party, corporate or group event—with a venue that’s equally exceptional. Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park may be known for its award-winning thrill rides, but the mountaintop theme park also happens to be a stunning Colorado setting for a group gathering—especially come autumn.

Autumn splendor. Fall in Colorado is a knock-out season. Mountainsides of golden aspen and the ruddy fall hues of scrub oaks mingle together against a blinding blue-sky backdrop. People drive all over the highways, byways and back roads of the state for a glimpse of Colorado’s autumn glory, but at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park you have a bird’s eye view of the grandeur. Since you’re treating your guests anyway, why not give them the added bonus of jaw-dropping Colorado views along with a day’s worth of other memorable moments?


Halloween fun at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

Up, up and away. From the instant your guests step inside the cabin of an Iron Mountain Tramway gondola, they’ll literally be transported to new heights in a matter of minutes. As the tram ascends, spectacular views unfold including panoramas of the Roaring Fork Valley, Mt. Sopris and the Elk Range to the south. At the summit and Park entrance, staff members welcome your guests and direct them to their group meeting place on the Patio or in the Lookout Grille.

A gondola pass gains you access to breathtaking views

Fresh air and good food. Glenwood Caverns gives event goers the unique opportunity to take the party indoors and outside. It’s the best of both worlds. Choose your menu format—Glenwood Caverns’ on-site event coordinator can help with that—and enjoy a reserved section in the Lookout Grille. Popular options include the ultimate barbeque menu and a south-of-the-border themed fajita bar. When you’ve finished eating, stroll the grounds which will be decked out for fall come October—all month long Glenwood Caverns celebrates Octoberfest with German music, food and drink specials as well as hay rides, pumpkin decorating, kids games and more—take panoramic photos from the Viewing Deck and do a little self-guided exploring.  Group events require a minimum of 25 people and, in addition to food, pricing includes the tram, cave tours and unlimited turns on the rides and attractions.

Go below. With everything included, be sure to encourage your guests to go on a cave tour or two. Both the Historic Fairy Caves and Kings Row tours are included. The scenery is just as jaw-dropping below ground as it is from the Viewing Deck. The Barn on the Kings Row tour is the largest cave room in Colorado. Caverns tours boast magnificent examples of cave bacon, aragonite crystals, soda straws, stalactites and stalagmites.

And over the edge. Above ground, buckle up for high-flying fun on the Park’s thrill rides. This is a party your guests won’t forget anytime soon. The Giant Canyon Swing launches riders out over Glenwood Canyon while the Canyon Flyer gently lifts and swirls you round and round for 360° views. The Cliffhanger Roller Coaster is another gravity-defying ride that will have you screaming with delight and the always popular Alpine Coaster gives you control of your speed as your race down the mountain. The double-seated Soaring Eagle Zip Ride pulls you up high then releases you to fly back to the launch zone. Your guests can also enjoy the Park’s other attractions and activities while they’re on the mountaintop.

Make your fall season event plans today. Our team at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park can help you plan the perfect fall event to celebrate your special occasion. To get the party started, contact us at—970-945-4228, 800-530-1635 X118 or via email.

Kids Happy Hour Only at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

Who says Happy Hour is for adults only? At Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, it’s not just grown-ups who can kick back and relax with a cool beverage.

As a family-friendly theme park destination, we really understand where kids are coming from. It’s not fair that Happy Hour is the exclusive domain of the 21 and over age group. At Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, we’ve rectified that disparity by creating our very own Kids Happy Hour.

At the Lookout Grille, every Monday – Thursday (through Labor Day), from 5 p.m. to closing time, kids 3 – 12 can get a beat-the-heat ICEE drink in a variety of fruity flavors for half price. ICEEs are an iconic part of summer. The frozen, carbonated drink was created by Omar Knedlik in Kansas in 1958 and it’s been a hot weather treat ever since.  Moms and dads don’t have to worry about being left out either because we’ve also got Happy Hour for the big kids with $4 drafts of Fat Tire, Blue Moon, Coor’s Light and our favorite—Adventure Park Ale, a locally-brewed IPA.

If you’re looking for some delicious eats to go with your suds and sodas, the Lookout Grille has plenty of belly-pleasing choices. Favorite appetizers include Mountain Nachos, a sky-high plateful of cheesy chips with all the fixings; and Loaded Fries, French fries topped with cheese sauce, onions and bacon. Yum!

The Lookout Grille’s main menu also has a little something for everyone. There are beef or veggie burgers and grilled chicken sandwiches, all with the option of a regular or gluten-free bun. Health-conscious options include chicken wraps and garden salads with or without chicken. A favorite that goes particularly well with sporting events is our plate of boneless chicken wings and fries. For kids choose a burger or chicken nugget meal that comes with a fountain drink and kid’s choice of kettle chips, applesauce or French fries.

Other places to grab some good eats are the Snack Shack where slices of pizza, brats and hot dogs are just the thing to satisfy growling tummies. When it’s time for a cold treat, indulge in an ice cream or a sno-cone. Our Popcorn Wagon is chock-full of theme park goodies like funnel cakes, cotton candy, corndogs, chips and cinnamon glazed nuts, as well as stocked with all your favorite drinks. For a truly mouthwatering treat, stop by the General Store to peruse the display case of fudge—all made by hand daily—and pick whatever is most tempting.

Stop in for Happy Hour—kids welcome—and stay for the fun of it! Find out more about Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park and how to plan your day and your vacation to Glenwood Springs.

5 Reasons to Love Summer Evenings at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

Ah, those summer nights! How we love them and so will you! Learn why evenings are extra-special at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.

  1. Fewer people. Summertime is peak season at America’s only mountaintop theme park. With the award-winning thrill rides, cave tours and a slew of kid-friendly attractions, it’s no wonder that as soon as school’s out for the summer families head to Glenwood Springs, Colorado and Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. While the park can handle a crowd, for anyone who prefers a quieter experience, we recommend visiting towards the end of the day. Even if you arrive at 4 p.m., you can still get a full five hours of exploring, adventure and fun in before the park closes at 9 p.m.
  2. Free music. Throughout the months of June, August and September, Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park hosts weekly concerts. The Music on the Mountain series features artists playing a variety of genres from rock and country to blues and funk. To catch one of shows, bring a canned item (like soup or beans) to the tram base beginning at 4 p.m. (2 p.m. on Sundays) on the day of the show. You’ll ride the tram for free (a $16 value) and help those less fortunate. Music starts at 6 p.m. on Saturdays and 4 p.m. on Sundays. Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park also kicks off its popular Friday Afternoon Club on the Mountain summer series on June 15, with free tram rides, live music and food and drink specials from 5 – 8:30 p.m. The park’s FAC also includes a free tram ride with a coupon that appears in the Post Independent on Fridays. The coupon is valid for free rides up the mountain for up to four people starting at 4 p.m.

  3. Winning sunsets. For five years running, Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park has been voted a Local’s Choice Gold Award for the Best Place to View a Sunset, by readers of the Glenwood Springs Post Independent! There’s no better vantage point to watch the sun do its nightly dive behind the horizon than from the viewing deck of the Lookout Grille. Evening light combined with panoramic vistas makes for spectacular images. Highlights include snowcapped Mt. Sopris and the Elk Range to the south, the Roaring Fork River Valley in all its emerald glory, the dual waterways of the Colorado and Roaring Fork Rivers, and West Glenwood Springs as the street lights come on for the night. If there are clouds in the vicinity, you’ll witness a masterpiece sky awash in colors. It’s official—we truly have the best sunsets!

  4. A cool breeze. Summers, even in the mountains of Colorado, can be sweltering with temperatures in the upper 90s on the hottest days. Fortunately, when the sun sets the temperatures drop, especially at the Adventure Park’s elevation of 7,100 feet above sea level. Evening visits are often ideal, with temperatures dipping significantly and late afternoon breezes rolling in. If you’re heat averse, this is best time to visit Glenwood Caverns.

  5. Dinner with a view. For a casual dinner that’s literally above the rest, you can’t beat a meal at the Lookout Grille. The restaurant serves all your favorites including appetizers, daily specials, burgers, gyros, vegetarian options, a kid’s menu, cold beer, wine, lemonade, root beer and more. Best of all, every meal comes with that unforgettable view we mentioned in #3!

Consider yourself invited for the evening. Learn more the Park’s offerings, hours and events at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.

Best table in Glenwood Springs is at the Lookout Grille at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park!